The East African Community (EAC) should overdraw the Rwandan President Paul Kagame from power.

By Niyomugaba Jean de la Paix


This article, is going to give us a short analysis, demonstrating the reality about President Kagame of Rwanda and his leadership, so that we can really understand the reason why, the East African Community should overdraw him from power.

It’s true, the East African Community should overdraw the Rwandan President Paul Kagame from power. As you know, a president of a Republic has two major obligations, which are to protecting and developing the people of his country. However, this is not the case for President Paul Kagame of the Republic of Rwanda unfortunately! Not at all! Hearing from what foreigners say about President Kagame, you are just astonished by how they praise him a lot, they consider him to be a hero etc…! But, as Rwandan, we immediately realize that, it’s about a huge propaganda, which had been praising him to have stopped the Tutsi 1994 genocide, whereas he triggered it! Before getting in the heart of the matter, it is important to know that Rwandan has 3 ethnic groups as follows: Hutus are 85%, Tutsis are 14% and Twas are 1%. These figures are very important to help for the understanding of the real reason of what happened in Rwanda in 1994, and the reason why President Kagame should be overdrawn from power by legal means.

The genesis of this was on 1st October 1990, when General Paul Kagame and his RPF (Rwandan Patriotic Front) invaded Rwanda from Uganda. The RPF was composed of Rwandan Tutsi refugees, who had fled Rwanda in 1959. During that war, General Kagame and his RPF had been killing Hutu civilians in a massive way, and Tutsis who stayed in Rwanda living peacefully with Hutus. Despite the fact that Mr Kagame and the RPF have been asking those Tutsis to support their actions against Hutus, the RPF had also been accusing them of having become Hutus, because they had accepted to stay and live peacefully together with Hutus in Rwanda! After general Kagame noticed that Hutus were not killing Tutsis because of Hutus who were being killed by the RPF during that war, he changed tactic: He then started to kill Hutu politician leaders, so that Hutus can become angry and then kill Tutsis! In the meantime, the former Rwandan Hutu President Juvénal Habyarimana had been urging Hutus in Rwanda to avoid falling into Mr Kagame’s trap, by killing Tutsis. But again, General Kagame was not satisfied when he noticed that Hutus were not angry enough to kill Tutsis, because President Habyarimana had been preventing them from committing genocide! He then decided to kill the President Juvénal Habyarimana, so that he can succeed with his plan! Alas, it was on 6th of April 1994 at 8 o’ clock in the evening that President Habyarimana was killed, when his plane was shot down on General Kagame’s order. Therefore, the genocide started early in the following morning on 7th of April 1994, whereby Tutsis got killed by some Hutus, while they had been living together in harmonious peace! President Habyarimana died, when his plane was preparing to land in the capital city’s airport from Dar es Salam – Tanzania, while he was preparing for a power sharing with the RPF, known as Arusha Accords. The Arusha accord was signed on 3rd on August 1993, according to which President Habyarimana’s regime was ready for a true power sharing between his regime and the RPF, led by General Kagame. But because General Kagame did not want any power sharing of with Hutus, he decided to appropriate himself all power, by killing the President. Which is still going on to this day. 

This article is going to demonstrate how President Kagame kills the people he is supposed to protect; the way he impoverish the people he is supposed to develop; and the way Rwandans are not independent anymore. In addition, the lack of democracy, human rights and the rule of law will also be part of this article. Furthermore, we are going to see how Rwanda has been stolen by president Kagame from their owner. What is more, we will develop how Rwandans lost an opportunity for a peaceful change, due to the lack of political space. 

President Kagane kills the people he is supposed to protect.

The first major obligation that President Kagame fails to do, is the protection of his people. Instead of protecting the Rwandan people, President Kagame’s choice has always been killing them, since he got in power in 1994, until now in March 2019! What you should know, is that President Kagame who is a Tutsi, sacrificed his own people (the Tutsi), so that he could get on power in 1994! No one could believe this, because it’s beyond the human understanding, but, it is unfortunately true!!! Tutsis from Rwanda would not have been killed in 1994, if President Kagame would not have ordered the shooting down of the plane of the former Hutu President Juvénal Habyarimana, which is considered to have triggered that Tutsi genocide, after he got killed in that tragedy! In addition, the former commander of UNAMIR (United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda) in 1994 General Romeo Dallaire (Canadian), is nowadays confirming that Kagame as commander of the RPF (Rwandan Patriotic Front), had allowed the genocide against Tutsis to take longer than it needed. According to General Dallaire, Kagame’s calculations during the genocide were that, the extend of the genocide was likely to make sure that Kagame’s political party RPF, would be able to rule Rwanda for decades in the future, due to the collective guilt of the international community, to have not been able to intervene on time, to save Tutsis. As you can see, General Dallaire was in a position to know what happened in Rwanda in 1994, no one is supposed to doubt on this. For your information, President Kagame also, prevented the UN from intervening on time in Rwanda, because those Tutsis who were being killed in that particular time, had not reached yet the number, which would allow Mr Kagame to say that it was a genocide which was being perpetrated against them. Thus, such a president should not be given a chance to rule for even a single day. He is only there, because he managed to lie to the international community for all these 25 years, that he stopped the genocide, while he is the one who triggered it! Mr Kagame, is a criminal, and his only place should be a life sentence in prison. He should be taken to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, because of atrocities he committed and he is still committing against the people of Rwanda.

For President Kagame, collective guilt is not something new! It is something he seems to have planned before. Indeed, Mr Kagame did not only make collective guilt of the international community as a whole; he also forced all Rwandan Hutus to be guilty of planning the Tutsi genocide, while the ICTR (International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda in Arusha – Tanzania) did not find any proof of any planning of that calamity on Hutu’s side in 20 years of its existence. On contrary, the ICTR found lots of proof relating to the planning of that genocide against Tutsis on Tutsis’ side, but Kagame (who is also a Tutsi), prohibited that court to make any prosecution of any Tutsi! The reason for this is that as a Tutsi, he may also be one of those suspected for planning and executing the same genocide! Most importantly, President Kagame is the one who triggered the genocide against Tutsis, when he ordered the shooting down of the plane of the former Hutu President Juvénal Habyarimana, knowing that some Hutus would kill Tutsis out of anger. To put it differently, President Kagame decided to attribute the 1994 genocide to all Hutus, in order to hide his own responsibility in the planning and execution of it! In doing so, Mr Kagame was just looking for scapegoats, while he knew the potential consequences of his actions! It should be noted that, some Tutsis had tried to advice Mr Kagame before, not to attempt the killing of the former President, because they feared to be killed. But Mr Kagame unfortunately refused to hear their advice, and killed the Hutu President! Mr Kagame knew that it would not be easy for him to get in power, because of coming from 14% (the minority) of the Rwandan population. But he preferred to sacrifice his own people to get in power by creating Hutus’ anger, when he decided to kill the former late President. This is the way Mr Kagame sacrificed Tutsis, knowing that they would be killed, so that he could have a reason for justifying his action of taking power in those conditions! Additionally, attributing the genocide against Tutsis to all Hutus (the majority of the Rwandan population) was Kagame’s way of dehumanising and demonising all Hutus, so that the international community could no longer allow their potential leaders to get in power! Apart from what General Dallaire said previously, this was also another way Mr Kagame used to get in power for many decades. 

As you can see, he somehow succeeded in preventing Hutus from getting in power during all these 25years, because he already dehumanised and demonised them all over the world, as planners of genocide. He did this while he also prevented the ICTR from establishing the truth about the plan of the Tutsi genocide! This is not fair! 

In the meantime, Tutsis in Rwanda know very well that they could not have been killed, if Mr Kagame would not have ordered the shooting down of the former Rwandan president’s plane. They know that Mr Kagame is the one who sacrificed lives of their loved ones, but unfortunately they cannot get rid of him, due to his strong and unprecedented dictatorship! 

Similarly, President Kagame is also accused of having committed a genocide against Rwandan Hutus in 1996, who took refuge in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 1994 (former Zaire)! This was confirmed by the 2010 UN Mapping report, according to which the genocide against Hutus was perpetrated by the current so called Rwandan army (RDF/RPF) led by Paul Kagame. Unfortunately, this genocide was not yet qualified as such, because of political reasons. Mr Kagame sent his soldiers in former Zaire (DRC) against the 1951 Convention of Refugees, to kill Rwandan Hutus refugees! This is not a secret to anyone. Mr Kagame himself agreed to have killed Hutus in a speech, on 4th July 1997. Even though the genocide against Hutus is not yet qualified as such because of political reasons, it does not means that the 2010 UN Mapping report was accomplished by people who are not specialists in human rights. No. As everyone understands this, the UN can never employ such people. This report was thoroughly accomplished by UN experts who know very well what human rights mean. 

Anyway, Mr Kagame committed two genocides among many other crimes and therefore should not be given any excuse whatsoever. Unquestionably, he should be removed from power because of that. After analysing what happened in Rwanda, there are no doubts there have been two genocides against Rwandans (both Hutus and Tutsis), even if one is not accepted yet as such because of political reasons. The first genocide was perpetrated by Mr Kagame and his army against Hutus, when they invaded Rwanda since 1990 and continued it in DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) in 1996. According to my point of view, that was a “direct genocide”. The reason behind this is that, it was perpetrated by General Kagame and his Tutsi army (RPF), to kill Hutus. In other words, Mr Kagame as a Tutsi, used Tutsis to kill Hutus. The second genocide is the genocide against Tutsis. For me, I can call it an “indirect genocide”. Why? Because, it also was perpetrated by the same perpetrator (General Kagame and his Tutsi army), but using Hutus to kill Tutsis instead! They used Hutu’s anger to kill Tutsis, so that they can be able to attribute to them the plan and the execution of that genocide. In other words Mr Kagame as a Tutsi, used Hutus to kill Tutsis. Let’s remember that, this genocide against Tutsis did not take place, when President Habyarimana was still alive. Here, every one remembers his peaceful speeches on Rwandan Television or on Rwandan Radio. He had always been preventing Hutus to kill Tutsis, because of their Hutus brothers and sisters who had been killed by Kagame and his army during that war. President Habyarimana used to say in Kinyarwanda: “… Banyarwanda Banyarwandakazi, mwirinde kugwa mu mutego w’umwanzi…” Which means: “…Rwandans, please be careful, do not fall into the enemy’s trap…”  Both Hutu and Tutsis remember about this.Unfortunately, that genocide against Tutsis took place, after Habyarimana’s death. Hence, Hutus fell into Kagame’s trap as President Habyariman used to say, after his death! The interesting thing is that even Tutsis nowadays immensely regret the death of the former Hutu President Juvénal Habyarimana, after they managed to understand how Mr Kagame sacrificed them. This is against the current and false official narrative of the Rwandan Government, according to which Mr Kagame was fighting to save Tutsis! Which is false and false again.  He just wanted to be in power! That’s it!

President Kagame impoverish the people he is supposed to develop.

In terms of development, I disagree with those who say that President Kagame developed Rwanda. He did not. On contrary, he is taking the country backwards, considering where it was, before 1994. The construction of many buildings in Kigali the capital city of Rwanda, means nothing, especially because, this constitute a development of a small group of his friends in power. We would agree with this development, if President Kagame would not have triggered the genocide against Tutsis, or the massacre that took away millions of lives of Hutu people of Rwanda. Why would President Kagame not bring such a development to all Rwandans, including those that he sacrificed their lives? Why did Mr Kagame prefer killing some people first to bring that so called development, instead of bringing the same development to all Rwandans? It would have been better, if those buildings and new houses could have been enjoyed by every Rwandan, including those innocent Tutsis, Hutus and even Twas he killed for no reason. Mr Kagame pretends to have brought development for Rwandans, while he continues to exterminate those he did not manage to kill in 1994. That’s why, President Kagame did not develop Rwanda. The development is meant for people, and not for owls or bats!!! For your information, some of those shinning buildings in Kigali (the capital city), do not have tenants, due to the country’s poverty. Some of the buildings do not even have enough water! Is this development? The answer here is no.

Those who do not know Rwanda need to be aware that Mr Kagame’s regime has taken Rwanda backward, considering the development level to which the people of Rwanda had achieved, before 1994. Before that time for instance, no one was dying of hunger, as it is the case today. The hunger that the Rwandan people is suffering from nowadays, is far from being a natural catastrophe! This hunger, is a manmade hunger! Mr Kagame is the one who made this hunger, with his system of governance, so that he can be able to kill those he did not manage to kill during the anarchy of the genocide in 1994! Every Rwandan is aware of that! So, saying that Rwanda is developed by Kagame’s regime is meaningless, while most of people are dying of  manmade hunger, and others run away from the country to look for food and other basic needs in neighbouring countries especially Uganda, due to that manmade hunger.

Another small example of how Mr Kagame has taken Rwanda backward in terms of development, is that jiggers have come back to Rwanda, while they were not existing anymore with former President Habyarimana’s regime! Before 1994, you could not meet anyone suffering from jiggers during the previous regime of the former President for instance! But, now there is a big number of people on Rwandan soil, suffering from jiggers! This is sad!

Foreigners who are coming to visit Rwanda cannot know all these issues! The Government does not want them to discover the truth, about this so called development! Foreigners are only shown Kigali the capital city, but not one of them can go to other places in country areas for example, to see what is going on there! In case anyone of those foreigners or tourists is interested in visiting other areas of Rwanda, spies of the Government are everywhere to prevent the people of Rwanda to talk to them, so that they can’t tell them about the kind of sufferings and dictatorship they are undergoing! Is this development? I don’t think so. 

It is too shameful to see President Kagame, as the President of East African Community in last February 2019! It was even beyond a normal understanding to hear that President Kagame was the AU (African Union) President last year 2018! This is ridiculous!!!

Rwandans are not independent anymore!

The Rwandan people is not independent, despite that it got its independence in 1962! We have new colonisers, even though Belgians who colonised us do not do it anymore! Mr Kagame and his soldiers are the new colonisers of our country! The truth of the matter is that Mr Kagame and his army are worse than colonisers!!! It is commonly known that the so called Rwandan Army (the RDP/RPF), is not the National Army. This army belongs to one man, and that man is President Kagame. If this army was belonging to the people of Rwanda, it could not have tolerated how the people of Rwanda is suffering a lot, because of just one man (Kagame). They would have changed the regime in order to restore democracy, if they were there for the welfare of all Rwandans!

One of problems of this army is that it is almost composed by only one ethnic group! This is a Tutsi army; it is not a Rwandan army. Some Hutus have been engaged in it, in order to fool the international community, as the army is composed of both Hutus and Tutsis. But, this is not true. This Kagame’s army would be the National army, if both Hutus and Tutsis are equally represented in it in terms of numbers, and have the same power in it. It is only in such circumstances that Rwandans would have peace, justice, democracy and freedom in general. 

It is understandable that the Rwandan Government can give as an excuse some international law’s principles like the principle of non-intervention, the principle of independence and the principle of non-interference, which are normally used by an independent country, to avoid any military intervention on its soil. However, these principles have to be used, only if the regime in place do not kill its own people. Which is different from the situation in Rwanda. Mr Kagame’s regime kills the people it was supposed to protect! We all know that these principles are not blindly used nowadays, as it used to be the case in the past. When people are badly led by a regime which prevents them their fundamentals rights, including the right to life for instance, that country has not right to independence. Here, the right of interference in that country is accepted by international law, in order to save the people of such a State. The independence of a country must only be respected, if the people of that country is led in the right way. Therefore, all these 25 years of just killing Rwandans by President Kagame and his RPF/RDF, should be the reason of taking away the independence of Rwanda for a while (2 years renewable for instance), so that lives of Rwandans can be saved and properly protected. There should be a military intervention in Rwanda, and this should be done by the EAC (or even the UN why not) to remove President Kagame from power, because of killing Rwandans. That would be the first task of the EAC Army. The second task of that Army, would be the restoration of democracy, the rule of state and the respect of human rights.

Lack of democracy, human rights and the rule of law in Rwanda.

Democracy, the rule of law and human rights for Rwandans, are just concepts well written in books, but Rwandans never enjoy them as a decent people. How can the independence of a country be considered, while democracy, human rights or the rule of law are never respected in such a country? President Kagame is more than a dictator, he do not deserves enjoying independence. This is a privilege that have to be enjoyed by a democratic President, and not by a dictator or a terrorist like President Kagame. 

No one is allowed to say anything criticizing the Rwandan Government in all its wrong doing. If anyone dares to make such criticism, Kagame’s soldiers just kill that person, despite that capital punishment does not exist anymore in Rwanda! Someone who get a chance of not being killed in this regard, has to stay in prison for many years without sentence whatsoever, or the same person has to be condemned in an arbitrary manner. Rwandans have just to keep their mouths shut! They have to talk about the normal life, but not about the politics of their country. Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are far from being applied in Kagame’s Rwanda. 

Justice do not exist in Rwanda. All we have is just an arbitrary justice. An example in this matter, is that some people among both Hutus and Tutsis committed the 1994 genocide. But, only Hutus have been punished; while no one among Tutsis was punished. The reason for this is that President Kagame (a Tutsi) is also among those who committed the genocide, and does not want to face justice. 

The principle of presumption of innocence does not exist in Mr Kagame’s justice system. Instead of presuming innocence, they presume guilty! We normally know that the meaning of that principle is that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. But in Kagame’s justice, the situation is not like that especially when you are Hutu. Every Hutu in Rwanda is presumed guilty of the crime of genocide. Whether you want it or not, Hutus must accept to have killed Tutsis, even if they did not kill them!  

This is how Mr Kagame’s regime invented and criminalized what they call “the ideology of genocide”.  This has to be imposed to any Hutu trying to say the truth about what really happened in Rwanda, as another way of hiding the truth of the reality of the Rwandan genocide. The so called “genocide ideology” is not recognized as a crime under universal jurisdiction. It is just Mr Kagame’s invention which is only recognized on national scope, to keep Rwandan’s mouths shut ! In other words, it does not exist anywhere else in the world. Except in Rwanda!

No one among members of parliament can suggest the vote on the censure motion against President Kagame, due to the lack of democracy in the country. He really deserves that, but no one can do it because the parliament belongs to Kagame and not to Rwandans! 

Rwanda has been stolen by President Kagame from their owner.

Rwanda is like a family living in a house, which is invaded by thieves. As you know in such circumstances, such a family screams, in order to be helped by their neighbours to push those thieves out of their house. This is how Rwandans are nowadays, under the leadership of President Kagame! Rwandans would like to get rid of him, but they cannot, because of his terrible and unprecedented dictatorship! The people of Rwanda are asking for help. Therefore, East African Heads of States of the neighbouring countries (KENYA, UGANDA, TANZANIA and BURUNDI should consider this very seriously and very quickly, because Mr Kagame has stolen the leadership of our country (RWANDA). 

We know Kenyans, we know Ugandans, and we know Tanzanians and Burundians. They are very democratic, and not one among these East African people can ever accept to have a president like Mr Kagame, who prevents them from expressing their views on their country’s issues. So, why keep Mr Kagame as President of Rwanda? Rwandans also do not want him, but they are terrorized, because of his lies. Rwandans also are thirsty for democracy.

The Rwandan people do not like President Kagame at all. He is so unpopular, because of his wickedness and arrogance! All he did was just rig the elections! This took place in 2003, 2010 and 2017’s elections, whereby he did not even get 20% in each of them. So please, help Rwandans to get rid of President Kagame please! No one is happy with Kagame’s rule. Rwandan are just living a Calvary with Kagame’s rule, and this should end. Please, deliver them from Kagame’s rule please! Rwandans are tired of Mr Kagame’s rule and his RPF. They are suffocated by Kagame’s system! They are not breathing anymore! Everyone would wish to become a refugee, if they had an opportunity to be free! This is true, but it is more than ridiculous! Mr Kagame has taken them hostage! Mr Kagame and his system of governance are just liars. They never say the truth about the reality of Rwanda, because their interest is in telling lies. They do not want their doings to be known by anyone, so that Mr Kagame can stay in power forever! For those who did not know the reason of all of that, indeed Mr Kagame wants to keep protected by presidential immunity, so that justice can’t catch him one day! He knows he committed many crimes, but this is his way of escaping justice.

We lost an opportunity for a peaceful change, due to the lack of political space in Rwanda.

In August 2017, the Government of Rwanda organised presidential elections in which the real opposition of President Kagame was not allowed to participate. While many of political opponents were behind bars, others were outside of Rwanda, where they have a refugee status. Political space is a huge problem in this country. In this year, Rwandans missed an opportunity for a peaceful change in 2017 and it was possible. This took place, when President Kagame prevented Father Thomas Nahimana from coming back to Rwanda, in order to represent himself as a presidential candidate! Father Thomas Nahimana is the President of the Government of the people of Rwanda in Exile, which is based in Paris in France.

The problem here was because Mr Kagame do not like people who are popular in this country. That was the real reason of preventing Father Thomas to step on the Rwandan soil from France, where he lives as a refugee, to represent himself as a credible presidential candidate. President Kagame has demonstrated how fearful he is towards Father Thomas Nahimana! The reason for Mr Kagame’s fear, is that Father Thomas has a very good project for Rwandans. According to Father Thomas’ project, Rwanda should have what he call a “tweens democracy.” According to the tweens democracy for example, in positions like: Presidency of the Republic, Parliament and districts, two people will have to represent themselves on different positions in those institutions: A Hutu and a Tutsi on each of those. If a Hutu is elected on one position, a Tutsi will automatically be his/her deputy. If a Tutsi is elected, a Hutu will automatically be his/her deputy. Which means that every political party will have to build what Father Thomas and his ISHEMA Party called the “DUO” (in French), which means “DUET” (in English). In every DUET, two people will have to represent themselves together, on one position. If a DUET from this political party or that political party is elected, a head of list will be the manager, and the other one will then become the deputy manager. In other words, on positions whereby a Hutu will become the manager, a Tutsi will be a deputy manager. And then, on positions whereby a Tutsi will become a manager, a Hutu will become a deputy manager. In addition, candidates who will not be from any political party (independent candidates), will have to make his/her own choice of a partner from a different ethnicity, with whom they will have to work together, if their DUET will be elected.In administrative positions, in the Government, in the Judiciary, in the Military and the Police, “tweens democracy” will also be the basic of unifying Hutus and Tutsis, which will allow them to have same chances at 100%. Furthermore, this formula of tweens democracy will be taught in high schools and Universities, so that everyone in Rwanda regardless of his/her ethnicity can fill safe, instead of killing each other every time, between both Hutus and Tutsis. 

As you can see, the tweens democracy would be very efficient and useful to Rwandans! It can be the source of the true unity and reconciliation between both Hutus and Tutsis. But, unfortunately, this is what motivated President Kagame to refuse Father Thomas Nahimana from stepping on the Rwandan soil, because President Kagame does not want unity between Hutus and Tutsis. He knows how popular Father Thomas and his politics of unifying Rwandans through this beautiful formula of “tweens democracy” is. Most importantly, President Kagame knows very well, that this Thomas’ politics could allow Father Thomas to easily win the 2017 presidential election.But, when President Kagame heard of this, his hatred, jealousy, fear and anger got on a too high level, to the point of refusing Father Thomas to come back to Rwanda two times! 

The first time was on 23 rd of November 2016, when Father Thomas Nahimana, the leader of ISHEMA Party, and his team of 3 people including a lady and a 7 months old, were stranded in transit of the Nairobi international airport, after Rwandan borders’ authorities requested from Kenya Airways not to bring them to Rwanda. The second time, was on the 23rd of January 2017, when Father Thomas Nahimana’s delegation was stopped in Belgium, ready to go on their KLM flight, which was to take them to Kigali the capital city of Rwanda. Here, Father Thomas and his team were shown a letter by the airline desk bureau at Zaventeme international airport in Brussels, a letter from the Embassy of Rwanda in Belgium, which was indicating that, they were not allowed to get into the plane! As you can see by yourself, “Tweens democracy” can contribute a lot, for a true power sharing between Hutus and Tutsis. It would have brought back peace in Rwanda. However, President Kagame said “no” to it unfortunately!

The reason for this, is because all President Kagame is doing, is just a politic known as “divide and rule”, which allows him to stay in power.  It should be noted that President Kagame used to say in a speech as follows: …when Hutus and Tutsis will be reconciled and work together, I will immediately take my luggages, and will just go back to Uganda where I came from, without even shooting a single bullet…!”Imagine a President of a Republic who does everything to disunite his people, instead of reconciling them! This is the kind of a President that we have; a President who do not want to leave the power! Most importantly, in the same year 2017, President Kagame modified the constitution, so that he can stay on power until 2034. This should end. 

As a former refugee, President Kagame should not prevent refugees from coming back to their country of origin. Father Thomas wanted to come back to Rwanda peacefully, bringing democracy, the rule of law and the respect of human rights; He did not want to come back militarily as Mr Kagame did. I can remember that Mr Kagame and his RPF had been claiming to bring back refugees to their country, democracy and the rule of law, when they invaded Rwanda in 1990 from Uganda. However, instead of bringing those they brought an unprecedented dictatorship, with genocides in plenty. In addition, they increased the number of refugees, instead of reducing their number! Furthermore, Mr Kagame refused negotiations when he preferred reducing to zero, the Arusha Peace Accord that he signed with President Habyarimana’s regime. He did that when he decided to shoot down his plane which killed him, so that he can have an absolute power, instead of a shared power. As we can see, Mr Kagame did not want peace. He wanted war, as he knew he was to benefit from it. Thus, this is really unacceptable. Mr Kagame should be removed from power, using all legal means, including a military intervention.

Mr Kagame and his RPF had been calling President Habyarimana’s regime a dictatorship, while what they brought is worse than what Rwandans remember about Habyarimana’s regime. Which was essentially a peaceful regime. Therefore, it is time to overdraw Kagame’s regime, as it only brought continuous genocides.

The use of force is necessary to deliver Rwandans from Mr Kagame’s dictatorship.

Heads of States in East Africa also, should be aware that they have interest to see President Kagame out of power in Rwanda. The reason for this, is because Mr Kagame is a treat to their own security, and a treat to the security of their countries. This is true, there is not joke here. Heads of States in this region should consider that, apart from killing the former Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana, President Kagame also was involved in the assassination of the former Burundian President Melchior Ndadaye. In addition, he was behind the failed coup, which was to be perpetrated against the current President of Burundi Mr Pierre Nkurunziza. Furthermore, he used to threaten the former Tanzanian President Mr Jakaya Kikwete to kill him. He gave such a treat to the former President of Tanzania Mr Jakaya Kikwete, because Mr Kikwete used to give him as advice, that he should negotiate with the Rwandan opposition, which is based outside of Rwanda! On one occasion in a speech, President Kagame used to say this:… I will wait for you at the right time, and I will hit you…” He was telling this to the former President of Tanzania Mr Jakaya Kikwete! Where else did you see such a kind of president with such a derogatory language?! Those who are doubting of this, need to be in touch with the President of Uganda Mr Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, so that he can give them more, about how President Kagame is a treat to Ugandan peace and security today. 

It is ridiculous to see how sick the Rwandan diplomacy is today! Rwanda has frosty relations with Uganda, while Uganda’s President Mr Yoweri Museveni is the one who supported Mr Kagame with becoming who he is today (the President of Rwanda). It is also ridiculous to see how Rwanda has such relations with Burundi! It’s terrible!

I am saying this, because it is also for East African Heads of States’ interest to remove President Kagame from power, because he is not only killing Rwandans; Heads of States’ security and peace also is threatened, if they ignore this suggestion. Therefore, we all have interest to see President Kagame out of power, so as we can all have security and peace. Why can’t East African Heads of States do as Tanzania used to do, when it overdrew former President Idi Amin Dada from power in Uganda in 1970’s? I think this was highly appreciated not only by Ugandans, but also by East Africans as a whole! Rwandans also, would appreciate, if the East African Community would help them to overdraw President Kagame from power, as Tanzania used to do for Ugandans, when it delivered them from Idi Amin Dada’s dictatorship. 

Heads of States of this region should not worry about sovereignty and the principle of non-intervention in international law, according to which intervention into internal affairs of another country is prohibited by international law. The reason for this is that such a principle of international law must be enjoyed by a democratic President. They have to be enjoyed by a president who does not kill the people he is supposed to protect, not by a dictator like Mr Kagame, who is just a killer. 

Heads of States of this region should remember that the use of force to remove a dictator from power, is not breaching the law at all. Rather, the use of force is allowed by Chapter 7 of UN (United Nations) Charter to remove a dangerous dictator from power. A dictator like Mr Kagame, who just kill his own people, instead of protecting them, has to be removed from power by force. A dictator like President Kagame who constitutes a threat to peace and security of the region in general, must be removed from power by all means legally acceptable; including a military intervention to keep the region safe. 


We have been dealing with the demonstration of how President Kagame kills the people he is supposed to protect; the way he impoverish the people he is supposed to develop; and the way Rwandans are not independent anymore. In addition, the lack of democracy, human rights and the rule of law have also been part of our demonstration. Furthermore, we have seen how Rwanda has been stolen by president Kagame from their owner. What is more, we have developed how Rwandans lost an opportunity for a peaceful change, due to the lack of political space. So, what can be the outcome of this analysis? Does Kagame really deserves to stay in power? There is no doubt on this issue: The answer is no. 

According to the international law, a President of a Republic who fails his two major obligations which are the protection and the development of his people, must be removed from power. In addition, a President committing genocides to his people should be arrested, imprisoned, trialled and sentenced. Having presidential immunity should not be the reason of protecting such a criminal. This should change. Furthermore, when a President of a Republic has abused his power to the point of becoming a danger to either his people or the region as a whole, that’s means that he is a terrorist, and a terrorist should not be given any room of committing his crimes. A President of the Republic must be democratic and not antidemocratic. A President of a Republic who does not allow refugees to go back peacefully to their country of origin is not a President. He is something else that doesn’t deserves to be ahead of State. What is more, is that he/ she has to unify his/ her people, instead of disuniting them. Therefore, since President Paul Kagame of the Republic of Rwanda has all these faults, and is also a threat to his people and his region in general, he should be stopped from his job immediately. Visibly, President Kagame does not like his people. Hence, he should not be their leader. President Kagame should be fought with all legal means, including the use of force. There is no way he should be left as if he is a peaceful man, while he is a terrorist. Thus, East African Heads of States should think about that, and doing something for Rwandans as well as for themselves in order to bring back security and a harmonious peace in Rwanda and in the whole region.

A terrorist is dangerous to everyone. If you want your own peace and security and for your region, you need to do everything possible to protect yourself from him, before he attacks you.

According to an African proverb: “When one’s neighbour’s house is on fire, take care of your own/ when you see the house of your neighbour on fire, carry water to your own.”