By Jean Uwizeye

Did the English end up finding the garbage collectors up to their new policy of cleaning up the migration issue? Illegal immigrants who cross a lot of safe country to end up on the English sides, the British want to get rid of them at all costs. However, on the road of these unfortunates, there are Belgium, the Netherlands, France and especially the first economic power of the European space, Germany. For a person looking for a better quality of life to find themselves in Rwanda after crossing all these countries, there is no worse than that. What is their motivation behind this sordid stubbornness that pushes them to defy all dangers? What are the bonds of affinity and fraternity with a people who reject them as far as possible like radioactive waste? In recent years, Germany and Turkey alone have taken in more than three million refugees. The English refuse to share this burden and firmly believe that they have found a solution on the African continent. In Africa, a Tutsi supremacist regime, an unconditional ally of the United Kingdom in crimes against humanity, is again solicited for the dirty work for a few hard coins. A longstanding alliance and friendship between white supremacists and Tutsi supremacists.

It should be remembered for the youngest and for those who are unaware of the history of the African Great Lakes region; this is not a first. The Tutsi aristocracy contributed enormously to the colonial work, a work today considered as a crime against humanity. Burundians have engraved this historic and painful memory in a writing accessible to the general public:
In 1895, in Rwanda, Rwubusisi of Gisaka put Mwami Kigeli IV Rwabugiri of Rwanda in contact with the German settler soldiers, including Captain Godevius, accompanied by missionaries. Mobilized by the settlers (England and Germany), Batuta militias from Buha (present-day Tanzania), the Ndugaruka (Indunaruga), Kigeli IV Rwabugiri of Rwanda and the Babwibwi – in connection with the sound of their weapon at fire – Ngoni Runsewa militias (Zulu of present-day South Africa), attacked Burundi- I Ngoma y’Uburundi -… Helped by Burundians, also committed to the German cause, including Kilima and Maconco…

As if English colonization had been a success to be repeated at all costs; Paul KAGAME and his political family imposed Anglicism in Rwanda at an edifying price. The memorials are there to bear witness to the price paid.

In a region marked and bled by the civilizing work of the superior race, everyone is free to translate and interpret the remarks made in Kigali on March 19, 2023, by Braverwoman during her rowdy visit: “I sincerely believe that this world-leading partnership between two allies and two friends, the UK and Rwanda will pave the way for a solution that is both humanitarian and compassionate.” For now, in Rwanda as in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, this world-leading partnership has been a source of desolation for several decades. More than a million of the Rwandan and Congolese population live in refugee camps following endless wars fomented in Rwanda with the complicity of its Western and other allies. Let’s not even mention the dead that litter the passage of the white supremacist-funded Rwandan Defense Force/M23 through cover projects like this one for the relocation of refugees.

The endangerment of others

“By sending Belgian blue helmets to Rwanda, the United Nations — even if it was not the first time that this had happened at their level — departed from an unwritten rule that a peacekeeping force should not understand troops provided by neighboring countries or countries having special links with the State or region where this force is sent. Concretely, this means that we normally do not send peacekeepers from a country likely to have territorial claims or from a former colonial power. By deviating from this rule, one runs the risk of seeing the troops sent arrive in an environment which will be either hostile to them or exaggeratedly favorable to them, depending on the parties involved in the conflict. In such a case, there could be no question – or then very little – of “impartiality”, an essential condition for the success of a peacekeeping operation.”Page 705.

Among these projects covering the financing circuits of the destabilization of the Rwandan and Congolese population by the Rwanda of Paul KAGAME and his political family, there is the case of the Central African Republic. According to the conclusion of the report of the Belgian senate on Rwanda and the particular interest that the Tutsi supremacist regime which lives under the income of the genocide could have drawn there, Rwanda should not have sent troops to support President Faustin- Archangel Touadera. Because Rwanda is contested by a large section of the Central African population and there is a conflict of interest in its engagement as a United Nations force which poses a great risk not only to the civilian population itself, but also to the whole of the UN mission.

The United Kingdom’s unconditional political support for the Tutsi supremacist regime in this difficult period when well-founded accusations of the involvement of the Rwandan defense forces in the conflict in eastern DRC should invite President Félix Antoine Kilombo Tshisekedi to redouble his diplomatic efforts with Britain and Israel. The Jewish community in Europe as in the United States plays a role of decisive influence and many political actors able to thwart the diabolical plans of Paul KAGAME and his political family keep a low profile for fear of being accused of anti-Semitism. It is no secret that this accusation considerably reduces the hope and the life space of those who find themselves directly or indirectly involved in this connotation. Within the European Union, the one who should defend the fundamental rights of the Congolese population under the rain of Rwandan bullets, the European deputy Raphaël Glucksmann is a Jew won over to the cause of Kigali. Just watch his documentary:  Tuez-les tous . An apology for Tutsi supremacy, a fabric of lies, etc. The lack of importance he has so far given to the drama in the east of the DRC compared to the Ukrainian or Chinese file is sufficient proof of his white supremacist.

To illustrate this Tutsi supremacy, it is appropriate to quote the recent public outing of President Paul KAGAME on the death of his father. Where many people would have been ashamed to tell a personal, unhappy and inglorious story; the strongman of Rwanda instead proudly said that his father was unable to provide for his family and practically died of hunger because he despised peasant work. Farming. Ironically, the Tutsi aristocracy at this time had espoused communism. We understand better then the disastrous adventure of Che in the Congo where the inyenzi had played a role at his side. Also, when you know that the Hutu are farmers, it is easy to make your own deduction. The Rwandan tyrant’s father preferred death to living as a Hutu. Class conflict or ethnic conflict? One thing is certain the regime of Paul KAGAME and his followers advocates ethnic or caste supremacy in its policy according to the understanding of each of the terms HUTU-TUTSI-TWA.

Finally, Rwandans are aware that among the auxiliaries of English colonization throughout the world, Indians had a good place in the hierarchy of men of the superior race in the colonizing and civilizing work of the British Empire. The aggressiveness of British Home Secretary Suella Braverman and her ilk is nothing new. It’s just a matter of a generation behaving like their ancestors always did under the guise of good intentions. The Braverwoman poses an enormous risk to the Rwandan population and to the immigrants targeted by this Machiavellian policy. Why then need to revise downwards the international standards freely signed if the interest of all stakeholders is respected?

The positive role of colonization that there are trying to make us admit the good done by devious ways and means through the famous economic success of the Tutsi supremacist regime of Paul KAGAME and his people will find people vigilant enough to denounce this political scam of nostalgic for the good old days. In this case, as the other Paul would say, Paul of Tarsus, let us do evil in order to come out with good. As soon as the tyrannical regime of Paul KAGAME and his political family are overthrown, these petty arrangements will be canceled as soon as possible with compensation.