The Kagame Government Has Demanded that the UK Explain Why it Banned Travellers from Rwanda

By David Himbara

The government of General Paul Kagame is furious about the UK travel ban on travellers from Rwanda. Britain announced on January 28, 2021, that it took the urgent decision to ban travel from several countries including Rwanda. In a statement issued on January 30, 2021, the Kagame government hit back, reminding the British that Rwanda did not join in the widespread bans on travellers from UK in December 2020 over the variant discovered in the UK. The Kagame government then rebukes the British for being unscientific in their decision-making. In the Rwanda government’s own words,

“Considering the list of countries in the region affected and not affected by the UK travel ban, the sparse information communicated to Rwanda does not stand up to scientific scrutiny.”

The Kagame government concludes its statement by demanding an explanation from the UK in the following categorical terms: “Rwanda looks forward to receiving clarifications on the motivations behind this arbitrary decision of the UK Government.” Stay Tuned.