The Kagames Are Getting Careless — Evidence Of Their Fabulous Overseas Lifestyle Is Hard To Miss

By David Himbara

We are used to General Paul Kagame’s four Range Rover Sentinels at nearly US$500,000 a piece. We are familiar with the US$65 million Gulfstream Kagame charters from himself. We are familiar with his 43-hectare farm at Lake Muhazi. We are familiar with the stories about Kagame’s US$20,000 per day presidential suites when he is overseas. Now, the Internet is revealing new stuff on the Kagames. The latest is the US$2 million mansion bought by Kagame’s son, Ivan C. Kagame, in a New York’s upper-class neighborhood of Scarsdale.


Come on General Kagame. The names of Ivan C. Kagame and Ange Kagame are popping up on the Internet. Cover up your tracks. You are exposing your fabulous lifestyle. This does not look good. The 2018 Labor Force Survey shows the average salary among Rwandan men to be US$1.47 versus US$0.88 a day for women — Rwanda is a poor Banana Republic. But here is your son buying a US$2 million mansion in America. Dear General, you would agree that at 27, your son owning a US$2 million dollar home without any credible track record in business or academic acumen begs many questions. As an employee of 12 million poverty-stricken Rwandans, you will be held accountable for this moral if not material corruption.