Cryptocurrencies are in all areas where you can earn and invest; every day, they are expanding their number of investors, such is the case of the creators of video games, programs designed to entertain and earn simultaneously. If you are planning to mine Bitcoin, click here for more info.

During the pandemic, confinement is challenging to cope with; this is where digital entertainment such as television, the internet, and video games play an essential role, the latter being the most prominent for occupying the free time of children, youth, and adults.

The global impact of the pandemic

The pandemic impacted the video game business, as everyone who passed the quarantine worldwide began to play more. For example, statistics released in March 2020 indicate that gamers in the United States spent 45% more time playing video games during quarantine.

The taste for video games is, for some, a full-time job, profitable and accessible from home; It used to be played for fun, but now it’s played for profit.

The creation of this type of video game grew during the COVID-19 pandemic; the crypto games industry had revenues of 321 million dollars in 2020, and an estimated 41.9 million gamers have cryptocurrencies; most of them are between 21 and 38 years old.

Blockchain and video games

Blockchain technology is a secure and transparent way to ensure that creators and players have equal autonomy and control over the information stored in games, a kind of electronic book in which it is almost impossible to falsify data.

Due to the great demand for video games, cryptocurrency developers began to implement this possibility on their platforms; one of the first video games to appear was:

The crypto kitties game positioned itself on the Ethereum network, crashing the network. However, money flowed as players moved to try out the new type of blockchain game. The most expensive collectible cat ever sold in the game cost $117,000, making decentralized gaming leads.

Other decentralized digital economy video games that have gained popularity in recent years in the crypto world are AXIE, INFINITY, STAR TERRA, AND DUCKS WAVES; Axie Infinity has produced more than 2 billion euros in transactions alone, becoming favorite and referential.

The profits obtained when playing crypto games will depend on the money and time invested and the strategies to overcome the game and gain experience.

The dream world for crypto players

It is increasingly striking to see how many people enter this new world of cryptocurrencies; from any perspective, they generate profits easily and quickly, as is the case of playing to win. But, in the same way, you distract and free your mind from leisure.

This new world is like a dream for gamers since they do what they like and obtain profits and profitability without much effort.

It has caught the attention of more and more young lovers of technology and technological innovation who are willing to carry out any activity that allows them to overcome the pandemic, confinement that has psychologically harmed everyone in general.


These promising strategies allow the development of new skills and income possibilities for young users, who are the most active in this medium, providing much-needed input in these times of job cuts.

The most powerful thing about these crypto games is the incentive dynamics they generate for players.

The money dedicated to the payment of rewards derives from various sources; it should be noted that many of these applications create their cryptocurrency, to which they set a price, which varies according to the market. As a result, they have an abundant supply; the expectation factor also influences the users who buy, those who sell, and the speculators who make the market grow, and from there, the crypto games derive.

These crypto games are more like real life, compete, win and lose. But not everything is random. From a business point of view, they remind me a lot of mining.

Like in mining, the key is patience and getting there early. These games are becoming the main livelihood for many in the third world.

In general, it’s great. Some people need it. Of course, some games are better than others. In other words, some games are more profitable than others. And indeed, the success of one drives the creation of others, which means you have to do your homework to earn that money.