The political philosophy of PRM/MRP-ABASANGIZI is deep rooted in the following principles: Moderatism ideology, Mutual Respect, Tolerance, Concord and Reconciliation, Solidarity, Complementariness, Fellowship, Mutual Trust, Mutual Understanding, Truthiness and Transparency.


In reality, Rwanda, since it existed, has always been ruled with a political ideology based on: the ethnic segregation, regional segregation, family segregation, hatred, revenge, misappropriation of public funds and killing citizens. From the 16th century to date, Rwanda rulers have been unable to resolve consequences of the above ideological weaknesses. They all have been unable to surmount what can be qualified as “extremism”, thus failing to develop a political philosophy and agenda governed by positive and resolved moderatism in order to help Rwandans sharing the power and all other privileges that citizens are to expect form the nation.

With no doubt, Rwanda has been victim of the Tutsi-extremism for the whole Tutsi Nyiginya dynasty that ruled over it from the 16th century until 1959, then the Hutu-extremism that took over and dominated the 1st and the 2nd Hutu-Republics during the periods of 1960 – 1973 and 1973 – 1994, respectively; then came the Tutsi-extremism again that dominates the 1st Tutsi Republic since 1994 until now on.

In a place of darkness and tenebrae like Rwanda, such darkness cannot be driven away by another darkness but only by Light. Where extremism prevails, replacing extremism by extremism as was the case in Rwanda since 1994 until now can never be a solution, instead extremism/segregation is to be cast out by positive and resolved moderatism, mutual respect, tolerance, and concordance among all Rwanda citizens.


The English people say that “To special evils special remedies”. Likewise, since Rwanda existed it has encountered horrible situations and complex difficulties that always impede any kind of effort towards true societal existence and towards true independence and development. For the reasons here stated, Rwanda needs a very efficient and special treatment. The most challenging imperfection in Rwanda Society is the Hutu/Tutsi ethnic alienation, the very hatred that is deeply anchored in the heart of Tutsi people and in that of Hutu people against one another.  Everyone knows very well that both in Rwanda and among Rwandans are Hutu extremists and Tutsi extremists. Any tendency to ignore such a reality would be as publicizing one’s blindness when one’s sight has not a single default. Such an ethnic alienation has reached, in the past, overwhelming levels in the sense of political ideology. As stated above, extremism ideology is never disqualified by another extremism ideology, but it can instead be exorcised by an ideology of positive and resolved moderatism, mutual respect, mutual tolerance and concord among same nation’s dwellers and citizens. That is the strong position of the Moderate Rwanda Party, PRM/MRP-ABSANGIZI. That is where we stand.

Hutu people ask us: “are you certain that moderate Tutsis with moderatism ideology, mutual respect and concord towards the Hutus exist?” The Political Programme of PRM/MRP-ABASANGIZI Party answers this question as it clearly mentions names of such Tutsis people in Rwanda history since the pre-colonial times until the recent times, who have demonstrated a high level commitment in seeking the real power sharing among Hutus and Tutsis; moreover a good number of such Tutsis people had to lose their lives in such processes.

Tutsi people ask us: “Are you certain that moderate Hutus with moderatism ideology, mutual respect and concord towards the Tutsis exist?” The recent history of genocide against the Tutsis in Rwanda answers very accurately this question, as the United Nations Organization (UN) in its resolution on the events, has declared that in Rwanda genocide happened against the Tutsis and has wiped away the lives of a large number of moderate Hutus too.

Other many people ask us: “Are there really Hutu people with moderatism ideology, mutual respect and concord for Tutsi people and Tutsi people with ideology of positive and resolved moderatism, mutual respect and concord for the Hutus; in other terms, people among Tutsis and Hutus with sufficient political passion that would be able to bring about a real change in the unfortunate and bad background that characterizes the relationships between the two ethnic groups?” Yes the passion is there and sufficiently high, and it is that  passion that built up in our mind and heart until we were able to form the present new political party. The same passion pushes those who have already joined us in this promising walk governed by the political philosophy of positive and resolved moderatism, mutual respect, mutual tolerance and concord among Rwanda ethnic groups. We have made of this our living principle, in all we say and in all we do


In its mobilization programme, The PRM/MRP-ABASANGIZI, the political Party that seeks true sharing of the country’s complex wealth among all citizens, leaving no one behind, targets the following groups of Rwandans in particular:

1)      The Hutu people with moderatism ideology, mutual respect, mutual tolerance and concord spirit for their fellow citizens who happened to be Tutsis;

2)      The Tutsi people with moderatism ideology, mutual respect, mutual tolerance and concord spirit for their fellow citizens who happened to be Hutus;

3)      Families where husband and wife come from different ethnic groups Hutu/Tutsi, but have accepted to demolish the wall of ethnicity by the means of their free will;

4)      The descendants of bi-ethnic families and their own progeny;

5)      People who always sought survival through falsifying ethnic identity following the ruling tendency of the considered life time, and this since time immemorial well during monarchical ruling through the 1st and 2nd Republic up to the current ongoing Republic, just to buy the right to life;

6)      Young people, living in Rwanda and abroad on a refugee status for example, who are confused about their country’s history but are keen to be told the truth  about Rwanda politics for active involvement as citizens;

7)      People who were lost in forests and remote isolated areas, during Rwanda and Congo wars, who were picked by foreigners and were reduced to a slavery state and life until now; we know that even such people need to be actively involved in their country’s politics;

8)      Relatives of former political figures or former military leaders, in Rwanda, who wish to decide on their political orientation and choice at liberty without leaning to past tendencies, as it is true that even twins happen to follow different political ideologies; example: The son of late Tanzanian President Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere, the founder of the Cama cha Mapinduzi Party, is now an active member of a Political Party other than the Cama cha Mapinduzi  founded by his father;

(N.B.: Let us remember that in this category fall descendants and relatives of political figures of the pre-colonial monarchical regimes, the MDR-Parmehutu regime, the MRND regime and the RPF-Inkotanyi’s regime which is still on power today)

9)      The most neglected minority, the “Twa” ethnic group, for they are as Rwandans as Tutsis and Hutus, and it is therefore imperative for them to also play a significant role in their country’s politics;

10)  Rwanda communities of Tutsi ethnic group and Hutu ethnic group, who are marginalized and mistreated by the ruling Party RPF-Inkotanyi that is constantly oppressing and antagonizing them in order to cling on power to the detriment of all of them;

11)   The naturalized Rwandans who were not born Rwanda citizens, for they have the right by law to play an active role in the politics of the country.

If you find yourself in one of the above five (5) first categories of Rwandans and you wish to actively contribute to your nation’s political life, you almost never fit in any existing tendency for when you try to join a one Hutu-dominated party you are just kicked away that you are a “fake” Hutu and not a real one or an acceptable Hutu-extremist as feel those who are rejecting you; on the other hand you may try to join a Tutsi-dominated party and you are just kicked away that you are a “fake” Tutsi and not a real one or an acceptable Tutsi-extremist as feel those who are rejecting you. Yet it is your full right to have a say in your country’s political life.

It is for this very reason that the PRM/MRP-ABASANGIZI Political Party was formed, in order to politically and socially consider at their true value all the above categories of Rwandans, so as to provide them with a comforting political space and freedom space where they gain undisputable involvement in both the Political Life and the Leadership of their Country.

Done in Savannah, Georgia, United States of America, on May 27th, 2013

Signed by:

–       Dr. Gasana, Anastase: Chairman;

–       Mukeshimana, Isaac: Vice-Chairman for Political Affairs;

–       Batungwanayo, Janvier: Executive Vice-Chairman;

–       Bamara, Prosper: Vice-Chairman for National Security related Affairs.


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–        The full detailed Project of the PRM/MRP-ABASANGIZI’s Political Programme is     available in Kinyarwanda and its english and french versions will be availed to public shortly.