The rejection of our candidature does not cause us any remorse or regret: Gilbert Mwenedata

Dear friends, brothers and sisters,

Within a period of two months, day in day out, we expressed our intention to present the candidature for the presidential election scheduled in August. Two days ago, we all heard about the final list of approved candidates.

Although my names don’t appear on the final list of candidates, we wish to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all of you, dear compatriots, for the way in which you have faithfully and enthusiastically expressed your interest in supporting the program we proposed for the future of Rwanda.

By the time I made the announcement, it seemed like it was just me, my family, some relatives, and a few friends who supported and carried this project in their hearts and minds. However, since the launch of the signatures collection, we have joyfully realized that many of you are demonstrating determination and working together to support and share this strong social demand. Despite the threats, constraints and challenges of all kinds that you had to face, you agreed to join. In this situation where, for some, wisdom would rather command restraint. There is no shadow of doubt that we have pledged to remain in solidarity for the future.

The rejection of our candidature does not cause us any remorse or regret. We’ve done everything with a clear conscience and clean hands. With you, I have made every effort to pass this validation stage of our candidacy. What has not been done is beyond our control, it has not been because of any failure on our part.

Therefore, we feel honored to convey this immense gratitude to all of you who have testified that we are a large number with this profound aspiration to transform Rwanda into a State governed by the law; to reconcile the Rwandan people in all their diversity; to guarantee peace and security for all; to instill a development shared by all; to work to ensure a better quality of education; and to promote well-being for our fellow citizens. Let us display this flame without complex and flaws and ensure that these ambitious and selfless goals can be achieved. It is the best way we can live and leave a legacy to the future generations.

Kind regards.

Gilbert Mwenedata