Waiting To Make The ‘Perfect Decision’ Is The Wrong Decision

Written By Nimi Princewill

The outcome of every decision we make is not always guaranteed to measure up to our expectations, regardless of our well-thought-out plans, hard work or plausible calculations. It’s not entirely within our powers to influence the eventual result of our decisions to either turn out good or bad. One could make the seemingly perfect decision of settling for a prominent career after a thorough evaluation of his or her corresponding skill set, but still turn out woeful at it. Another, could make a somewhat terrible decision to settle for a poorly attractive profession but make a gold mine of it. The best decisions often come on strong as a gamble!

In our various leadership roles, the toughest part of our job lies with the unrealistic demands which require us to make perfect decisions that could get everyone nodding along in approval of our methods. Satisfying everyone is clearly unattainable, and sadly, we can’t always be right in every decision we make. However, decisions do not make themselves, so we must make them anyway. We must develop the courage to ward off pressure when making tough and ‘imperfect’ decisions. We need to train our minds to pay less attention to the bullying thoughts of whether our choices would turn out good or bad. A “bad decision” could seem quite tacky but eventually evolve into some good, while a “good decision” may give promising vibes but turn out to be silly in the course of time.

Having a moment of thought before making an informed choice is wise for decision-making, but what happens when we don’t have a moment? Decisions are made in different degrees. We may be fortunate to make calculated choices most of the time, but there are moments we’re compelled to make a spontaneous decision without giving much thoughts to it. All we’re left with at that point, is a quick intuition. Decisions born out of quick intuition are usually the bravest and the riskiest, but can also be rewarding. We must equip ourselves at all times for decision-making, whether or not we’re ready at the time it’s required. We’re either rooting for ‘Yes’ or we’re sticking with ‘No’. ‘Maybe’ is a glaring sign of indecision!

A lot of people would rather not commit their savings to an investment opening for fear of incurring losses. Well, that could be a good decision, but some other people would zero in on the risk (a ‘bad decision’) and end up making tremendous gains. There’s never a perfect time to make a flawless decision on investments, because they’re never structured to be risk-free.

A lot of us have remained indecisive on emotional commitment. We’d rather be non-committal, pending the arrival of our imaginary ‘perfect’ soul-mate who seems to be our best and only choice for a partner. No emotional union is worthy of playing host to two perfect companions who are finely-tailored for each other as cleverly portrayed in some intimidating romance series. It’s funny how cranky we get when our interim partner in real life, doesn’t meet up with the required (fictional) wonder-lover skill set.

No other time is better than the present one at hand to begin the process of a new project, pursue a great ambition or develop a committal interest in your relationship. Make a decision full of expectations today and keep an open mind…


Bio: Nimi Princewill is a Nigerian-born writer and social reformer.

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @princewill_nimi