The sheer greed of Kagame junta is beyond comprehension!

By Gakwerere

After collapsing the economy and all economic infrastructures, the junta regime is now engaged in begging, stealing, extortion, and forced labor (graduates working for free) against the oppressed Rwandans.

High taxes and other regime thieving project i.e agaciro fund, RPF contributions..etc, are being deducted from meagre salaries of civil servants. 40% of civil servant salaries is being deducted by this corrupt regime, which has economically sucked the populace without single consideration.

As I post this thread, teachers, especially those in rural area schools are yet to be paid for their July salaries. As I post this thread, CHUK hospital morgue is full of arrested dead bodies, as the hospital can’t release these dead bodies to their loved ones due to outstanding hospital bills. These bills have to be cleared, before any dead body is released to their loved ones……”Fuck mutuelle, a public relation and a thieving project of the Kagames.”

While Rwandans are going to bed hungry, the parasite despot at Village Urugwiro is sucking the blood of every fabric of society in Rwanda. The Junta spares no one in his quest for personal thieving – corruption. Almost everyone is bearing the brunt of this parasite and hungry regime, which is composed of hired mercenaries with no single Rwandan blood, who kill and plunder like obsessed demons.

The junta regime uses both the private or public sector in pursuance of their financial crimes and Paul Kagame’s personal aggrandizement. For one to say that Paul Kagame is greedy, it is totally understatement. Paul Kagame is more or worse than a scavenger. The dude is rendering everyone in this country hungry because of his sheer greed.

As I always note, this junta regime is obsessed with making money and assets at the detriment of the country. There is no word which can befit their all round criminality!!

For sure, Paul Kagame’s legacy will shock the future generations. A “President of a nation” who exploits and kill those he is supposed to help, support and protect. Too much greed is sinful, it is ungodly. History is going to judge Paul Kagame and his enablers harshly.

Folks, I rest my case! Have a great Sunday of prayers, love your neighbours as you love yourself, respect, empathy, forgiveness and learn to say sorry to those you have wronged.