Is Uganda holding Kagame’s feet to the fire, finally?

Charles KM Kambanda, PhD.

By Charles Kambanda

For reasons best known to the government of Uganda, President Kagame’s notorious Directorate of Military Intelligence ( DMI) operates in Uganda freely. The suicidal DMI kidnapps and/or butcheres Rwandans and Ugandans in Uganda, with impunity, in violation of Uganda’s Sovereignty. Ironically, some Uganda Police officers cooperate with Kagame’s bloody DMI to terrorize Uganda.

Kagame’s DMI infiltrated almost all Uganda’s security organs. For many analysts, it’s a matter of time for Uganda to become another Democratic Rrepublic of Congo; a country where warlords are stronger than the central government. Kagame is infamous for creating and sponsoring anarchy in neighboring countries.

In what appears to be a policy shift, one of the coordinator of Kagame’s DMI operations in Uganda, Segt. Rene Rutagungira, went missing a couple of days ago. Sgt. Rene Rutagingira was based in Uganda. Rwanda’s Ambassador to Uganda blamed Sgt. Rene Rutagungira’s disappearance on Uganda’s Military Intelligence officials. The government of Uganda did not respond to Rwanda’s allegation. Kagame’s infamous assassin is still missing.

Days later, according to some tabloids in Uganda and Rwanda, Uganda security organs mounted a crackdown on ” illegal” immigrants and ” visitors” from Rwanda. About 90 Rwandans were allegedly rounded up and deported to Rwanda.

Few months ago, some Kigali junta leaning newspapers and tabloids accused Uganda of training rebels against Kagame junta. The government of Uganda did not respond to that grave accusation.

The on-and-off ” friendship” between President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda and Paul Kagame of Rwanda is well documented.
( a) Why has Museveni/Kagame relationship, apparently, hit the bottom rock, again ?
( b) Why the nationwide crackdown on Rwandans living in Uganda ” illegally” NOW?
( c) Where is Sgt Rene Rutagungira?
( d) Who is the person of interest in Sgt. Rene Rutagungira’s disappearance ? Why?
( e) Why would some Uganda Police Force officials cooperate with Kagame’s lethal DMI to terrorize Uganda?