The Ugandan parliament calls on the government to take action after the killing of a Ugandan citizen.

The Ugandan parliament on Tuesday 21 January 2020 calls on the government to take appropriate action after Rwanda has continued to kill Ugandans. If necessary, the parliament asks that Uganda in turn prohibit its citizens from travelling to Rwanda, which means closing the borders between the two countries.

This request is in response to the killing of a Ugandan citizen by the Rwandan army. The victim is Jean Theo Ndagizimana, 25 years old, from Gisoro, he was killed at the same time as his two Rwandan cousins.  

Ugandan Minister Ruth Nankabirwa Ssentamu, in charge of relations with parliament, tried to moderate the anger of MPs by asking for a time extension for the government to negotiate with Rwanda as part of restoring good relations between the two countries. The Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament Rebecca Kadaga rejected the request, arguing that Uganda can no longer tolerate the killing of Ugandan citizens by Rwanda with such frequency, especially as Rwanda persists in closing the borders between the two countries. She expressed herself as follows: 

“There are Ugandan citizens being killed by Rwanda and the minister here underestimates the magnitude by responding to us in this way. It has been four months since the citizens have stopped trading, they want to know reliably whether their trade will resume or whether they have to stop for good, they want to know whether they can continue to go to Rwanda or whether they have to stop.” 

Rebecca Kadaga, one of Uganda’s leading politicians, has asked the minister in charge of the case to come and explain to parliament the decision taken on the recommendation of the security committee to advise Ugandans not to go to Rwanda.

Rebecca Kadaga has asked the Ugandan Foreign Minister to come to the Ugandan parliament on Tuesday January 28, 2020, to brief Ugandans on the current state of relations between the two countries.

A few days ago, Uganda released nine Rwandans accused of serious crimes such as abduction of Rwandan refugees and illegal possession of a weapon. Uganda thought it was appeasing the Rwandan regime of Paul Kagame and the response of this regime is to continue killing… Paul Kagame started killing in Uganda, when he was called Pontius Pilate, and now that he has no limits, his regime is coming back to kill Ugandans!

It seems that in days to come, Uganda too will be led to playing the same game as Rwanda openly! Who is going to pay the costs of this situation? Will Rwandans continue to accept the consequences of the wrongdoings of their bad leaders?

Burkina Faso, Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria and Sudan have shown that the population has the strength to get rid of bad leaders responsible for their misfortunes. And yet none of the powers of the countries mentioned above have oppressed their people as much as the RPF regime of Paul Kagame!

UMURUNGI Jeanne Gentille