By Jean Uwizeye

Struck down by a heart attack last November, his unexpected death continues to fuel speculation about possible poisoning. Nioussere Kalala Omotunde was a specialist in classical African humanities, a renowned Pan-African and Egyptologist. His long-term struggle for the recovery of the black man and the African continent from its miserable condition was not without risks. Many other courageous Negroes have unfairly lost their duel with the upholders of the world order of oppression of the peoples of the south.

Far from being an impostor victim of the disease of displaying his knowledge and the gift of communication, he is a man of action who wanted to make the economic and ecological transition of Africa by massive African investments in the control geothermal energy. Indeed, energy is a major stake in the economic policy of all industrializing and industrialized countries. For the community bereaved by his accidental disappearance, this commitment to control the production of geothermal energy would be the ultimate cause of his possible assassination.

How sensitive is this subject to be the source of his unexpected death? Is there not in this last television intervention another reason likely to have precipitated his sudden death? A track to explore and not least for anyone in love with the will to establish the truth which must be exploited is in his last words on the war of aggression of Rwanda against the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Since 1996, the Tutsi supremacist regime of Paul KAGAME has been waging a war of aggression in the DRC financed by white supremacy. Paul Kagame and his family, driven by the ideology of his ethnic superiority over the inhabitants of the African Great Lakes region, dream of expanding the living space of Rwanda in the eastern territories of the DRC. To do this, Rwanda does not hesitate for a moment to silence any criticism of it for less than that.

In our Rwandan memory, the unexpected death of Nioussere Kalala Omotunde follows that of Ghanaian journalist Komla Dumor in 2014, also struck down by a sudden attack just 4 days after having interviewed the Rwandan ambassador in London energetically on the assassination of a former head of foreign intelligence services and dissident of the Tutsi supremacist regime in South Africa.

This loss of a dear and rare being also reminds us of the Reverend Christopher Mtikila, the Tanzanian politician who revealed and denounced on Tanzanian television the ongoing project to create the Hima-Tutsi empire in the region of the great African lakes. In 2015, a few days after his television appearance, he died in a suspicious road accident.

Nioussere Kalala Omotunde, was he within reach of the henchmen of the Tutsi supremacist regime? It is the least we can say. The international network of Tutsi supremacists has forged political and other ties in African circles since the 1960s. The opponents of French policy in Africa have long supported the Tutsi supremacist regime unconditionally in this duel with France, despite all the crimes genocidaires of Paul KAGAME and his political family. Lately, these African victims of the media campaign of the dominant media have become very critical of Paul KAGAME and his people on discovering the central role of the Tutsi supremacist regime in the device of the predatory policy of the West in Africa of the great lakes. However, it is not without risk to attack the policy of the RPF Inkotanyi.

It is up to our African brothers to be extremely careful of their own safety, because the danger is not only exogenous. To the picture, there are white supremacist people among us. In the exiled Rwandan community, it is common knowledge that the poison of the Kigali regime circulates in the form of a liquid commonly known as Munyuza water. Munyuza D. is a senior Rwandan security official caught in the act of coordinating an assassination by this means. And besides, the result of the investigation into an attempted poisoning of President Félix Antoine Kilombo Tshisekedi, lately, is eagerly awaited by the Rwandan public.

May Nioussere Kalala Omotunde rest in peace. May the earth be light to him. Let his fight be ours. Let us be removed from any desire to harm his image and profane his memory. Our overriding concern is to contribute useful information and to combat disinformation cleverly orchestrated by the mainstream media to destroy us.