Hollywoodbets- Fica

Hollywoodbets is one of the trustworthy online betting sites in South Africa and has been serving both national and international gamblers. The site (Fica Hollywoodbets net) was launched in 2000 and prides itself on numerous games such as casino games, virtual sports, Formula 1, horse racing, football, badminton, cricket etc…


However, Hollywoodbets requires clients to log in to their accounts or register new ones to wager on their favorite casino games. After logging in or creating a new account, the next step is submitting Fica documents. Punters are not restricted from wagering on casino games without uploading their Fica docs on the website.

What is Fica?

FICA is the acronym for the ‘Financial Intelligence Centre’ Act in South Africa. The South African government enacted this Act to protect the people of South Africa from committing numerous financial crimes and protecting their money. Financial crimes committed are tax evasion and money laundering.

Functions of Fica

Fica is an important act in the online gambling industry. The Act is necessary because it protects the money of the citizens of South Africa. It also inhibits illegal practices like money laundering and tax evasion.

Fica Documents Required by Hollywoodbets

There are two types of Fica documents that Hollywoodbets needs when verifying its clients’ names, ages, and addresses. These are Identity Documents and Address Documents. Punters can upload Fica documents by self-service on the casino website or submit their documents via the Hollywoodbets Fica email address, Facebook page, or by visiting their physical branches. Punters are advised to upload Fica documents by themselves to save time.

South African gamblers can submit several documents to verify their identity. These comprise passport ID, Driving License, Green South Africa ID, and Smart ID card. On the other hand, documents submitted for gamblers’ address verification include the following:

  • Motor vehicle license
  • Letter from the local authority, i.e., Municipal authority
  • Bank statement
  • Tax Invoice
  • Utility Bill
  • Latest insurance policy
  • Official tax return
  • Mortgage statement

Uploading Fica Document on Hollywoodbets

Below are the steps taken when uploading FICA documents on Hollywoodbets:

  • Go to the Hollywoodbets official websites
  • Upon entering the site, you will see the ‘Upload FICA Doc now.’
  • Click that button and wait for the new page to appear on the screen.
  • Enter your personal details, such as your ID number and mobile phone number, then upload the selected FICA documents.
  • Click the ‘Confirm’ button just below the identity and address document section
  • Select the submit option to upload your FICA document to Hollywoodbets

Guidelines for Hollywoodbets Fica

Hollywoodbets FICA guidelines help South African punters to know what is expected of them when submitting or uploading the Hollywoodbets FICA documents. Hollywoodbets FICA guidelines are introduced below:

  • Punters are required to avail a colour copy and clear photograph of documents
  • Those who stay with other people are required to fill out a co-habitation form before submitting FICA documents
  • The content of both identity and address documents must correspond to each other.
  • Those who stay with their parents must indicate that they stay with them
  • Smart ID card users should upload the front and back of the photograph.