Things to Do in Rwanda

Rwanda is considered to be one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. It’s often also called the land of thousand hills which should explain its landscape. It’s a small country that shares borders with Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and the Congo with a landscape that includes mountains and plains and swamps. It’s also known for its biodiversity.

Many people associated Rwanda with the terrible tragedy of 1994 when there was a genocide. However, those days are long gone and the country is now becoming one of the safest to travel in. In fact, they even have a gambling scene and sports betting is quite popular much like it is in America like this site here makes clear. If you are considering going on a holiday to Africa, then perhaps Rwanda should be on your list of countries to check out. And if that does happen, then here are a few things you must do in Rwanda. 

Stay at Hotel des Mille Collines

Remember the movie Hotel Rwanda? Well, this is the same hotel which was used to shelter over 2000 refugees during the 1994 genocide. It’s a wonderful story of humanity at its worst and its best and the hotel is often called Hotel Rwanda. You can read more about the movie here. It may not be a spectacular place but it’s a reminder of the time in history when someone actually put their life at risk to save many lives. 

Check out Rubavu

Rubavu is a small town near Lake Kivu which is Rwanda’s largest water body. It is only about an hour away from the volcanoes National Park so it’s a great place to chill after a hectic trek. There are tropical gardens and colonial houses along the shore and you can lounge by the lake beach or even swim in the lovely waters. The landscape from here up to Rusizi near Burundi is spectacular with rolling hills and tea plantations. These are very rarely visited by tourists so it will serve you well to check it out. 

Dian Fossey Tomb

Dian Fossey was an American scientist who is known to have brought the plight of the gorillas to the mainstream. Her remarkable efforts started a campaign against poaching and saved the gorillas from extinction. Her story has a tragic end as she was found murdered. Her grave lies inside the Volcanoes National Park and is well worth the effort. 

Face a Gorilla

There is probably nothing more thrilling than being deep inside an African jungle and coming face-to-face with a gorilla. This is possible in the Volcanoes National Park although it comes at a price. Only 80 people are allowed into the jungle on a daily basis and this is done through guides. The whole experience takes over 10 hours with long hikes through the dense vegetation. When you actually see a group of gorillas, you are supposed to sit quietly and watch them from afar. These tickets usually sell out real quick so it’s advisable to book well in advance. 

Apart from these activities, it’s also a good idea to check out the Kigali Genocide Memorial. You could also opt to go on a safari to watch chimpanzees in the wild which is also quite a life-changing experience.