Things You Should Know Before Moving To Rwanda

View of downtown Kigali, Rwanda

Moving to a country for a new life can prove to be difficult and Rwanda is not exempt from this. Whether you’re visiting, looking for a job, or you’re looking to build a new life in East Africa country, there are some things you need to know that might require you to change your lifestyle.

Rwandans are welcoming of foreigners, but they are also wary of them to some extent. If you intend to make friends there, you should take it slow and try not to approach people in groups. Most will be uncomfortable using a second language and will lead to you being ignored.

The Best Places To Live

Rwanda is considered a safe country in East Africa as all neighbourhood has a security watch patrolling it at night, to ensure the safety of its residents regardless of where you choose to live. But some neighbourhoods will be safer than others, that’s a given, with access to online casino usa flowing free in all of them.

If you’re travelling to Rwanda for a job, the places you should be looking to live is Kacyiru or Kimihurura. Both places are only a few minutes from town and impressive bars, restaurants, and nightclubs are very close to them.

While Kimihurura is considered a quiet neighbourhood with many higher class and foreigners choosing it as their preferred homes. Kacyiru is home to State House, governmental offices, NGOs, and service apartments, mixed between are houses for singles who live the simple life.

There is also Nyamirambo, which is a densely populated area only a few minutes from the town. The residents in this area are usually loud, carefree and are of the working class. Nyamirambo is a lively place to live.

Cost Of Living

Kacyiru, Kimihurura, Nyarutarama, and Gacuriro all have impressive houses and apartments that have a cost ranging from $800 to $3000 per month. Kacyiru, however, has some houses that range from $160 to $200 and you’ll have two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom all to yourself alongside access to bestaustraliancasinosites. The only catch is that your house will be among the several that shares a single gate.


When you’re picking where to live in Rwanda, you’ll also want to take note of the transport available in the area. While public buses are cheap, they won’t be able to take you everywhere unlike the Moto taxis which are considered faster. Riders are considered dangerous due to their infamous reckless driving and are prone to accidents. There are also private taxis like the Volkswagen’s Move and Yego Cab which are more expensive.

Using a public bus, going from Nyamirambo to Kacyiru will only cost you $0.51 while in a moto, it cost you $1.02. A cab will cost you $7.23. These are rough estimates not entirely accurate but comes close.

Laws & Regulations You Should Know

You’ve probably heard about the fact that Rwanda places more focus on cleanliness and orderliness. This was achieved and imposed on its residents through its various laws and regulation. Before leaving, your embassy should have provided you with a list of what you can and cannot do. You should do well to remember not to smoke in public too.