Tips to Avoid Bragging & Stay Friendly On Instagram While Sharing Your Travel Pictures

You must be passionate about traveling, and you have a fascination for sharing your travel photos on Instagram. Many travel enthusiasts wish to treasure and cherish some memorable moments from their vacation by sharing pictures of those wonderful places on their Instagram accounts. Vacations are exciting, fun, and rejuvenating. You are all charged up as the fun and relaxation time act as a major mood-booster. It surely makes perfect sense to share pictures with your close friends, fans, and followers. However, there are some good ways of sharing and a few ways that are not acceptable to your Instagram community. You have every right to share your happiness, joy, and thrill, but your post should not look as if you are bragging and trying desperately to show off. 

According to Vogue, Harvard Business School had published its report from five studies, and they pointed out that humblebragging never works. It is quite likely that you are annoying many people with your travel pictures without even realizing it. If you wish to avoid putting friends off, and if you want them to just have a good time going through the glimpses from your trip and enjoy all the trip updates, you need to follow a few rules. Here are a few tips that could go a long way in saving a few friendships. 

Focus on Sharing Your Best Pictures

Once you are on Instagram, you aim to get an impressive follower count and great engagement on all your posts. You must have contacted a digital marketing company to find out how to buy likes on Instagramfor boosting your follower count instantly. Once you have devoted your time and efforts to engaging, maintaining, and boosting relationships with your followers and fans, you would not like to lose them just because they are fed up with your over-sharing.

Nobody wishes to see pictures relating to every little thing you are doing on your trip. Remember that nobody is interested in such slightest details as an airport check-in or just a restaurant you stopped by for lunch. You should choose only the best pictures from your vacation. Your travel photos should truly be share-worthy on Instagram. Mesmerize your Instagram audience with exotic locales and stunning sunsets. Your followers should not feel spammed.

Abstain from Humblebragging

Do not be a humblebragger. I hope you do recognize that sort of person. When an individual posts a photo of him enjoying a bright-colored mocktail sitting cozily on a sparkling white sandy beach with an umbrella, adding a caption to it like ‘Are you envious of me?’ Nobody likes this sort of attitude especially when they are neck-deep in work and cannot enjoy a relaxing vacation at the moment even if they wish to.

It is best to share beautiful and fun pictures and always watch your tone in the captions you are using. You may provide some information or travel details about the place or narrate a funny story that took place while you were traveling. Create intriguing and spectacular posts that evoke instant interest.

It Pays to Be Authentic

Most travel aficionados on Instagram will be happy to never come across another picture of a woman lounging by the pool and flaunting her legs. This specific shot has been used on countless occasions and Instagrammers are bored stiff of it. Add a different flavor and make your posts spicier by injecting your unique personality and attitude into your Instagram travel content. Be authentic in your approach while sharing your travel experiences and photos on Instagram. Your followers will love to know more about your travels when you tell the story to them in a unique manner.

Never Undermine Your Commenter

You are indeed holidaying with your family or close friends and having a great time. You are enjoying quality time with your kids and wish to relax and rejuvenate, but you need to be social if you are on a social media platform. You should interact with your followers and respond to the comments. People will be losing interest in your page, and often they may feel upset if you do not bother to reply to their comments. If they could manage time to leave a comment on your post, it is a courtesy on your part to respond to that comment. If you can manage time to share your travel pictures, you can even manage a few moments to engage actively with your fans and followers. You should convince them via your replies and counter comments that you value their opinion and respect their comments.


You may strike the right balance between having a wonderful vacation experience and clicking pictures to share them on Instagram with all your friends, fans, and followers. Instagram is a powerful and highly-versatile platform for travel content as it is image-based. Follow all the tips discussed above so that your Instagram followers and friends have a fabulous time enjoying your travel updates and there are no hard feelings.