“Uganda will go down to Chaos” the Invisible Hand powered by North Korea of East Africa.

Kagame and Museveni at their joint press conference at Entebbe on March 25, 2018.Kagame ought to do to Uganda as he would have Uganda do to him

By Seruga Titus

A confidential informant has just revealed to me that this was the subject matter of a meeting held by Pilato and his general Dan Munyuza held in Kigali.

DMI has dispatched a team of 30 specialized agents including assassins to Kampala to cause problems, their missions will include kidnaps of high profile individuals and their family members, targeted murders by use of poison, etc.

The team is mainly coming from abroad not Rwanda, they will meet in another East African country before quietly entering Uganda.

It appears General Pilato has lost hope in his former ally and bush war mentor who is the king of Wakanda, he believes the King is siding with the Kayumba Group which is against the Kigali Regime. Pilato knows that this group made up of his former bush war comrades has the potential to cause problems to him if given assistance by any country around Rwanda.

By giving Uganda hard time security-wise it leaves Museveni no option but to protect his own interest first, Rwanda believes this will make Museveni distance himself with the Kayumba’s.

Recently General Kagame protested Museveni’s continued “association” with Kayumba‘s team by not coming to attend the East African summit, Museveni and other East African heads returned the favor by not traveling to Rwanda. Kagame then decided to play politics by inviting himself into Uganda to meet Museveni, during this fake meeting the president of Wakanda faked sickness and refused to hold hands with Kagame on medical grounds.

Information I have is that Kagame demanded that Uganda stops arresting Rwandese in Uganda, Museveni responded back by arguing that only criminals are arrested he gave examples of Rwandese working freely, Kaguta further argued that if someone commits a crime the law must apply, Museveni in return also asked why Rwanda was kidnapping people from Uganda and forcefully returning them? Museveni presented a list of name and was more specific on some names, he needed to know if these people were alive, Kagame said there was no proof of this allegation.

General Museveni was determined to pin Kagame he went ahead and presented confessions of criminals who had participated. Pilato then decided to ask for time to investigate this matter.

In January 2018 I bursted a group of criminals supposedly Ugandans but funded by Pilato to be specific DMI, their missions were to kidnap people, to make Uganda an unsafe environment for everyone, this in turn would put the regime in Kampala in pressure, it would kill the investment, this group is now doing they job as state officials panic.

I can assure you that until there is visible change in UCC and DPP, until things like registered addresses are introduced these crimes will continue. The sponsor of these crimes is enjoying the game, he keeps on changing his designs as he wishes. Today it’s kidnaps, the other day it was women murders, then Bijambiya, then Investors and tourists, next will be kids and burning of schools.

God save our people.