You can not beat Rwanda at the intelligence game, there is a way they make Uganda look like a baby.

By Seruga Titus

General Yoweri Kaguta is surrounded by North Korean agents using him to defraud unsuspecting investors, this undermines Uganda’s Investment.

This is picture, that I got from a confidential and trusted source, is proof of my post, the king of Wakanda has a lady on the left hand side who is a wife to senior conman and DMI special agent Buchana. This madam helps mafia get close to the president by fixing appointments.

Buchana was a former military man in the UPDF then went and served in the Rwandan Army, later he ran away and went through Uganda to UK where he acquired asylum, later he returned to Uganda and went straight to General Saleh seeking protection. The General Saleh gave him protection but it wasn’t long, general Kayihura came in to help and provided more security, Gerenal Saleh had pulled out after receiving credible information that Buchanan had reconciled with Pilate, all this time the goon had secured connection back to Pilato, he has been laundering money back to Uganda funding crime under pretext of investment. Buchana has no serious form of employment, Buchana is not educated and speaks very basic KaZungu one wonders how he gets all that money, here is the answer he runs a mafia company called Kagera, these guys arrange smart cons at the expense of Uganda’s international Image.

Clearly in the picture you can see conmen surrounding the president, how did they get their in the first place?
A State House source informs me that she calls herself the President’s Daughter, I don’t know from which mother but certainly not Maria Antonette. The truth of the matter is a former Rwandese fighter Magala who fought with the Kagame and Rwegyemas left her to Museveni to take care of.

As Uganda continues to display its criminal mentality fuelled by criminals protected by big individuals, our country loses out on serious investors, serious government funding, these unsolved murders like the Belgium businessman in which Buchana is allegedly stole 400,000 Euros under his company with the influence of former DPC of Kabagala called Mugerwa and later killed him, the Pearl of Africa hotel suspects were given bail and released what do you think Finland and Sweden will do, cut AID course, what will Belgium do? They have already advised tourists to stay away from Uganda.

In order to love our country we must fight criminals out of it, DMI is smartly sponsoring criminals in Uganda, Intelligence bodies know this but they are probably underfunded to react back, criminals are protected by selfish Mafias doing this for merely personal benefit, all this at the expense of Ugandans.

This week am going to touch on conmen again, I have information the Hajji Baker was released by CMI he is quietly out there and has changed his offices from Kololo to Naguru, he just doesn’t know that am senior at putting trails on him.

Hajji Baker dumped his Lawyer bonkmate, you wonder these thugs don’t even take care of their own kids, next he accused the girl of feeding me with information about his criminal activities little does he know that I have a portal of information .

Return to Buchana, Rwandan Directorate of Military intelligence uses Buchana to make payments to their ground cells. These cells are well funded to cause panic in Kampala and sabotage business, investment and economy, this weakens Museveni but also affects our people more, my worry are the people of Uganda struggling to get better health care, better employment almost everything is the other way round, sabotaging our economy only deeply affects the people, they are taxed more to cover the gaps yet this money goes to help the already rich.
Our focus should be on making people better, Rwanda is not doing that because there are not better themselves, instead they want to manage Uganda to have unlimited access to electricity thereby turning The state into a power house. This move will not come at the expense of Ugandans.

In January, one DMI Cell based on Rubaga Road planted a juicy squirting lady on Tamale Mirundi, the plan was simple; have recorded sex with the propagandist and use it to blackmail him, on the fateful day Mirundi arrived at his usual drinking Kafunda, the waitress served him and informed him that there was something special, intelligence had already spotted him in this place with another nyaru slut but this one’s level of squirt could not be ascertained since no video footage was available. How the Buchana girl took video.

So I can confirm Mirundi can never write or say a word about Rwandan activities, Mirundi can no longer say anything bad about Kayihura and other Mafias but rather instructed to attack some individuals without Mercy.

Unfortunately I cannot post this video due limitations by Facebook, however if Mirundi openly challenges me I will show proof of his blackmail, by the way he is heavily funded by the invisible hand only that if he ever decides to think twice he will be exposed by DMI.

Buchana is an asset indeed for DMI, he has the ability to get so close to the first family with his squirting wife continuing to squirt on all state house beds in a rather annoying way. I get jealous not being a member of this family but I will leave it at that for now.

Buchana is standing on the extreme right.