Uganda:Gen Sejusa’s brother found dead in pond

Sembabule – Dan Mutungi, brother of exiled Gen David Sejusa is dead. He reportedly threw himself into a pond on his father’s farm at Bweyale village, in Lugusuulu Sub-county, Ssembabule District, on Friday evening. His body was found floating at about 7.30pm that evening.

Dr Herbert Tumusiime of Sembabule Health Centre carried out a post-mortem examination and said he had died due to drowning. The doctor said Mutungi had also drunk poison before going to the pond.

Police, however, could not confirm the suicide claims. Detective John Muwanga said they were going to carry out a thorough investigation to establish if Mutungi really committed suicide or his death could have been as a result of a plot to kill him by his enemies.

Ms Kasalina Bwajojo, the stepmother of the deceased, said Mutungu first tried to hang himself with a rope inside his house and when it failed, he tried using Protaid, a chemical used to kill lice on cows’ skin.

She added that it seems it was after this that he went to the pond. She says when they went into the house, they found him missing but there was a lot of vomit and a rope on the floor.

Ms Bwajojo claimed that for some time, Mutungi appeared mentally disturbed and always said he missed Gen Sejusa, whom he loved, and that he missed his financial support.

Mutungi, 57, was the second brother to Gen Sejusa. His father, Mzee Simon Peter Rwajojo, said Mutungi could have committed suicide after he learnt that Gen Sejusa, who has been helping him, will not return to the country after his disagreement with President Museveni.

He said for weeks he had been warning that he would commit suicide if his brother did not return. Mzee Rwajojo added that the family is beginning to experience financial hardships due to Sejusa’s absence. “I wish President Museveni could forgive my son and allow him to come back,” he said.

Source:The Monitor