UK Home Office to investigate bogus Rwandans who claim to flee RPF and support it at the same time.

On Saturday 11 November 2017 in Coventry, Midlands – UK, the Rwandan ruling party (Rwandan Patriotic Front) will organise a retreat for its members in UK.

It became apparent that most of people on the list of registered participants that was leaked and published by the London based Inyenyeri News came in UK as asylum seekers fleeing the RPF regime.

The UK Home Office is investigating how people who sought asylum in UK claiming to have fled the persecuting and oppression RPF led regime in Rwanda, have suddenly became RPF supporters few weeks, months and years after they arrived in UK and granted either full refugee status or exceptional leave to remain which eventually for some led to citizenship.

Home Office has recognised that there is clear abuse of the UK asylum system and generous UK government hospitality.

UK immigration enforcement officers were briefed but refused to comment if there is an action that will be take place at the event venue.

However, they confirm that they will assess each case as they are different.

Furthermore, this event has been a concern for the vast majority genuine Rwandan refugees in UK considering track record of RFP assassinations of refugees and opponents outside Rwanda borders. We understand that the security services have been informed.

Among the most prominent participant, we understand that The Rwanda High Commissioner in UK, Ms Yamina Karitanyi – who will also the key speaker.

Bosco Ngabonzima – who lives in Coventry and arrived in UK as an asylum seeker and eventually was granted refugees status because the Home Office was convicted he was in genuine fear of persecution by the RPF led government.

Eulade Bwitare: – A former RPF military officer. A refugee who will come from Belgium where he sought asylum.

Eugide Ruhashya: – UK RPF chairman and former RPF military officer. He was granted asylum in UK due to genuine risk of assassination by RPF for disagreement with them.

Julien Leonard Mutangana – UK RPF youth wing leader – His asylum in UK was rejected by granted Exceptional Leave to Remain because his human right could be breached if he is returned in UK. He is also in Paul Kagame UK security team.

Tony Kavutse – Currently working at the Rwandan High Commission in UK and arrived in UK as a refugee. He was previously exposed as a bogus refugee in 2008 by an American based investigator.

In preparing that retreat many RPF supporters in UK have participate in events in which they were required to swear allegiance to RPF and it leader Paul Kagame.
Below is the ceremony that was organised in Birmingham.

We understand that RPF headquarters in UK has sent a speaker. By the time of publishing this article we had not get any information about who that may be.

Aline Mukamana