Diplomatic language is an art, it is a language that is taught, trained, guided and advised.

By Gakwerere

Diplomatic language is a way to avoid sounding aggressive, which can put people off or create unnecessary interrelationship problems. The language allows you to say something negative while still maintaining a positive attitude, and generally it can help to create an atmosphere of respect in which reasonable agreement can be reached.

In the clip below, you will witness the effect of having untrained senior 4 leaver as a president. His diplomatic language is that of ignorance, backwards and full of disrespect for another president, in this case the president of Burundi. There are several channels that he would have used to pass his messages to President Nkurunziza without creating inter-state animosity.

One important principle in diplomatic language, is trying to avoid negative words – instead use positive words in a negative form. But, Rwanda’s untrained Senior four leaver has failed to grasp such a minimal rule. When he opens his mouth, his upbringing and adult life behaviours resurface.

It is totally impossible to tune a Muyayi/Mayibobo/Kirobezo from Nasser road into a diplomat. Being in state house can never change the behavioural aspect of an individual.

A thug will always remain a thug despite wearing a suit or not! We all know that Rwanda’s junta used to trade in fake money in the mid – 70s. He was the master of Bicupuri along Nasser road and he was only saved from the life of conning innocent Ugandans by Comrade Fred Rwigema, when he recruited him to join FRONASA, then killing became his new hobby as he embraced blood sucking with two hands!!!