Can you truly hike your Twitter followers in just 3 days? The title is quite bold, I get it. What if I said you that the deed would be truly effortless? Albeit here’s the fact: you can’t just deny your follower score on Twitter as an entire vanity meter. Rapidly evolving and so easy to use, Twitter is undoubtedly the hidden ingredient to networking with the largest feasible audience. It’s a global powerhouse. Well, here are easy, direct, and highly influential tips to make your way into having a large Twitter presence in just 3 days! Tempting enough? Let’s begin!

  • Perfect your Twitter Profile & Buy Followers

So one of the primary moves on the route to hoarding zillions of followers is to ensure that your Twitter profile rocks! Twitter bios are tabulated by search engines, so this might reasonably be audiences’ initial point of connection with you. Your profile image is the central-focus of your Twitter bio. Not only is this ingenious for advertising grounds, but it also assists people make powerful relations between your brand and logo. So choose well! And don’t hesitate to become a bit creative. Also, remember to pin your most popular tweet at the top of your page. Now, are you looking for a sure-shot shortcut? If you prioritize to have a huge follower count, buying Twitter followers will undoubtedly fulfill that. So get your hands on them and check out list of the best sites at Reviewsxp.com, that are selling twitter followers.

Engagement is Key 

Now, suppose you have a billion Twitter followers but engagement on your content is null, then are those followers truly worth? The engagement plays the role of almost as an endorsement. So engagement does result to wider reach and exposure, which, in return, brings in more followers. Reacting to the comments and mentions of your followers will ring them a sense of validation. Also, follow influencers in your niche and make sure to retweet their posts almost once or twice daily. Being tagged in a tweet can assist you open unto new audiences. If you wish to be tagged by others, you should do the same yourself. So master the arts of tagging, replying and retweeting folks!

  • When in Doubt, Tweet More Often

It’s time to ramp up the tweets! If your aim is to acquire followers, I can’t enough emphasize the significance of staying active. Twitter is the platform that can manage the greatest quantity of posts in a day without removing people. But do you really have time to stay on Twitter the whole day to ensure you’ve got amazing tweets going out at all the perfect times? That’s when your schedule can be your savior. The most effective way is to make separate daily, weekly, and monthly routines. These tiny slices of your content strategy contribute to the bigger picture of enticing followers. 

  • Plan and Schedule your Tweets

Talking about timing, exploding your tweets while your target audience is inactive won’t aid you acquire new followers and you’ll drop in your stats. We strongly give consent to this tip! Post when the maximum users are on the platform! Why? That’s where connecting with your audiencecomes in handy! And you can also achieve the much-required brand-awareness. Trying for Twitter growth tools is another great option you can have.Well, these figures might vary based on your time zone and audience as people have various usage habits when it comes to ‘Twitter’. 

Add Value to your Tweets

Content is king! Well, whenever you tweet, adding value to your content is a must. To make your content stand out-of-the-box, in this competitive world, all you need is to make an outstanding content. This is because when your content is regarded worthy and significant, your audience will quite possibly relate with your brand. Honestly speaking, people gravitate towards content that’s elucidative or educational or motivational. While others put more value on entertainment or interactional content like polls, quizzes, web browser-based games, etc. Also, utilize hashtags as a method to make your posts searchable but don’t go overboard with it. Posts loaded with hashtags appear spammy at first sight and are otherwise frustrating. Give your best to never upload a text-mode tweet only. Remember to incorporate attractive visuals. If images are fine, motion images are really great. Your content becomes 10 times more probable to engage your audience if it involves a video.


This isn’t the film ‘Field of Dreams’! Between small attention intervals and rough competition, the path ahead is a quite arduous! Maximum of them only need a little commitment of time but can make a hell lot positive difference in respect to fresh leads, consumers and awareness for your brand. Bottom line is being creative with how you publicize. So, what are your favorite Twitter growth hacks?