How to get Instagram followers without following

With over 1 billion monthly active users of Instagram, people are now motivated to share with a much larger audience, meaning they want more followers.

But how can you increase the follower count on your Instagram account without following back everybody?

You need to consider why you generally use Instagram for: to inspire or entertain. The Instagram accounts with higher followings are either really funny, highly engaging, or inspirational! You’ve to choose your fit here.

After doing so, you need to follow certain steps to be consistent and do what you must to gain more followers and keep them engaged so that they don’t unfollow you.

Here are the five tips on how to gain followers on Instagram without following everybody:

  1. Post frequently.

This may sound obvious. But, most Instagrammers don’t post enough or frequently hence losing followers. Which makes it harder to earn followers back.

Several Instagram users check your account many times a day. If you want them to notice your content then you need to have a profile which gives them new content to consume every now and then.

You’ve to do so because recent posts consistently garner more attention than older ones. That’s the reasons why frequent posting is so significant for growing your follower count.

You should post every evening and morning or at least once a day at an ideal time when your followers are online. This way you will remain fresh on your followers feed.

  1. Use your online presence as a gateway.

Your website can be a great way to increase the number of people following you on Instagram. A very straightforward way to do this is to add a “Follow me on Instagram” option to your site header, footer, under blogs etc. and an about me page.

In fact, you can also place follow buttons and links wherever you have an online presence like for e.g. your Facebook profile, Twitter, e-mails etc.

It may take some time for this to work But, over a period of time you will have ways all over the internet. These ways will lead back to your Instagram account hence increasing your followers.

  1. Use the FLC (follow, like, comment) loop.

This is one of the most effective way to build your follower count. Also this strategy won’t work overnight. It requires some effort on your part. You will have to engage with other people relevant to your niche on Instagram.

Find Instagram users who have similar interest like yours, you can go through the hangtags you use for this purpose or follow an influencer in your field. Make sure they are in the same stream of work as you and gain a good number of followers who’d want to follow you.

Like and comment on their post which you find great. Keep doing this three times per day, preferably in the evening. Be sure to use relevant hashtags to ensure you target interested accounts.

This is known as the FLC loop. The invisible benefit of this targeted FLC loop is that you get a good amount of goodwill with other Instagram users. Other people will naturally reciprocate. And they will reciprocate with likes and comments instead of simply following, meaning you gain free exposure to their audiences.

  1. Mention well known influencers.

This is like the FLC loop, but in this, you interact with big Instagram influencers. You should look up prominent influencers who are relevant to your niche and audience. You should see the relevancy between your niche and theirs by how often they use the hashtags you use. If you have a post that is in some way relevant to this influencers brand, mention them in your post caption or directly tag them.

But make sure you have something genuine to say otherwise you might seem like a bit, in both cases, the FLC loop and this. Here, quality is much more significant than quantity.

  1. Run a contest.

This is a more of an engaging method of growing your following. First, ensure you have the necessary following to successfully run a contest, which is at least 1,000 Instagram followers. Once you have that much, you can start to run contests, but you do not want to overdo it. It should feel interesting whenever you run a contest so I would recommend a contest every 3-4 months.

When you do decided to hold a contest, state the rules of the contest in a post. The contest should involve people taking a certain action like to tag other interested accounts, to post something, write something, etc. Come up with a unique hashtag for the contest and mention it in your post. Select a good prize that is relevant to your brand.

When you select the winner, send them a direct message. Also, make a public post about the same.

When you repeat this process 3-4 times a year and you will notice a significant boost in your following every single time.

After you’ve gotten experienced with holding a contest, you will find unique ways to increase your following by engaging your current audience through various other kinds of contests.


Follow these five steps to effectively increase your follower count without following people on Instagram.