Urgent update on Victoire Ingabire’s worsening situation in the 1930 prison.

This is an SOS on the suddenly AND increasingly deteriorating conditions of detention of the Rwandan political prisoner Victoire Ingabire. As of from Thursday, March 31, 2016, she has been transferred from her usual cell to the public area reserved to women imprisoned in Kigali central prison.

Living conditions in that area are extremely difficult. Just to sleep, one has to rent space. There are no sanitation or other facilities such as access to water.

Since Saturday March 26, 2016, the medical certificate which allowed her to receive food rations from outside, was confiscated and it is feared that the next step is to simply terminate the service and force her to survive on food from the prison canteen.

That medical certificate was issued by a Dutch doctor following gastric problems. It is even possible, she might be transferred in an other part of the country in order to cut off all contact with her political party base in Kigali, which has sustained and secured her daily food service.

It is urgent to mobilize to denounce these actions of the Kagame’s regime which seems determined to worsen her prison’s conditions. Victoire Ingabire needs every compassionate person around in this very difficult time, to advocate for her.

This is happening on the same day two high rank military officers were sentenced to 20 and 21 years of imprisonment respectively, and while Rwanda is readying to host the annual World Economic Forum outside of Davos – Switzerland, almost in one month time.

Ambrose Nzeyimana