Envisioning post-Kagame Rwanda: Regrets and fingerpointing

Have you ever experienced threat for allegedly mobilizing Rwandans to revolt against their nation-state or dislike its president? It seems the highest crime in Thousand Hills is criticizing “insulting” his Excellency king of Rwanda, the liberator Paul Kagame.

Some of us also experienced the psychological terror for not praising the government programs or participating in “voluntary” financial contributions to the RPF. Rwanda, a landlocked small nation does not tolerate opposing views or constructive criticism.

All the subjects of King Paul should abide by his rules or perish. Not even the MPs dare challenging his decisions or plans. He is all-knowing, powerful strong Rwanda freedom fighter. He is the only ONE capable of leading Rwanda for life, the only ONE who can travel abroad for personal or public missions and spend as long as a he wants. All other officials should no longer attend international meetings or conferences. It is overspending with no tangible results, unless Kagame is involved! Who can dare question his behaviors? Ask the likes of Kizito Mihigo who is rotting in jail for just dreaming about Rwanda without Kagame or Victoire Ingabire for questioning the one-sided memorial of Rwandan Genocide victims. Need to envision more? Below are the excerpts.

Regrets and blame-trading

Louise Mushikiwabo: “I blindly joined this bloody government. I wasted my time defending it. My popularity shriveled. My mouth is shut now. The only option left is to free myself. I wish I listened to my friends that you cannot be more famous than Kagame’s family”. I now know I don’t belong to his inner-circle. Unfortunately, the next government won’t accept me. My self-protective speeches betrayed me”.

Paul Rwarakabije: “My days are over. Of course I knew that I was buying time, encouraging the ex-FARs to come back home and make their lives miserable in Rwanda prisons. Imagine that all along I knew the plot to put prisons on fire but I could not stop it. The government kept feeding the public with lies. It was a perfect plan. Can we say they replaced all the old wires now? No way. They are crafting the new shenanigans. This government is so genius in doing evil”

John Rucyahana: “I am proud of our achievements as a nation. We encouraged more Rwandans to participate in reconciliation programs and converted a good number to Christianity. I only regret our misconception of the whole reconciliation process. We instilled in the Hutus of guilty consciousness. Even the Tutsis who came forward to confess their wrongdoing and murders during 1990s were discouraged. Anyway, I am glad I used my connection with his Excellency to intimidate my folks to take personal ownership of Shyira Diocese properties when I retired. I just invited His Excellency to officiliase the property takeover”. This author participated in Rucyahana’s retirement ceremony in person.

Protais Mitali: “Is it too late to recognize that political parties’ coalition in Rwanda is a mockery? Only those who are blindfolded by RPF would believe it is real. RPF government disgusted me. I regret to have unjustly accused Kizito Mihigo but on top of that Kagame’s third term bid was like a thorn in my bones. I have nowhere to belong because I publicly denounced RNC and other opposition platforms. I wish I acknowledged that our long-time cherished Kagame’s government was nearing its end”.

James Kabarebe: “Kagame has no special skills. He is just a high school dropout. But, who cares if he is president for life or not as long as his immunity shields us from ICC prosecutors for massacres and genocide we committed in DR Congo, Byumba, Kibungo, Bigogwe, Ruhengeri, Kibeho, Gisenyi and many other places. The only failure we had, we were unable to convince the ITCR that Habyarimana/Sindikubwabo government planned genocide against the Tutsis. In the end, was it RPA/F or nobody planned it? What a shame!”

By Bertin Mugabire