Vincent Biruta Is The Only Rwandan Politician To Have Survived Kagame For Nearly 20 Years

How has this man Vincent Biruta managed to achieve the impossible – to survive the Kagame regime for nearly two decades? Here is Biruta’s record in the past 19 years in various categories:

* Minister of Natural Resources, July 2014-present (2 years 3 months);
* Minister of Education, December 2011-July 2014 (4 years 11 months);
* President of Senate, October 2003 – September 2011 (8 years);
* President of the National Transition Assembly, January 2000 to August 2003 (3 years);
* Minister of Public Works, Transport and Communication, 1999-2000;
* Minister of Health from 1997-1999 (2 years).

Biruta must be a magician – people who were ministers 19 years are either dead, dumped, poverty stricken and keeping a low profile somewhere in Kagame’s Rwanda.

David Himbara