“Unflinching support” by Bill Clinton and Tony Blair limited damage to Kagame in 2012

My friend Prosper Uwera discovered this https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/8396

This is the leaked email of the Clinton Foundation’s 2012 correspondence in which we see a Bill Clinton staffer describing various requests from Kagame.

First, Kagame is asking Bill Jefferson Clinton (BJC” to come to Kigali to attend the closing of the Gacaca process. BJC official declined.

Second, the Kagame regime is as usual begging for aid. The report said that the Kagame ambassador asked if WJC “could do anything to help on education/universities in Rwanda.” This was also declined because WJC and his foundation “are constrained by funding.”

Third, the regime asks for help for “attracting more investments/businesses to Rwanda, including mining/natural resources investors.” The BJC official suggests that Kagame himself should hold “a side-meeting at/around Clinton Global Initiative’s meeting with investors interested in Rwanda.”

Most revealing, the Kagame ambassador informs the Clinton staffer that international criticism of Kagame “seems to have quieted, partly due to WJC and Blair’s unflinching support.”

In 2012, almost all donors cut or suspended aid to Kagame due to his M23 proxy militia in Dr Congo. Evidently Clinton and Blair came in handy in terms of containing the damage.

David Himbara