What Are the Key Skills that Every Teacher Should Have?

What do you need to become a teacher? Of course, you need to have the right qualifications, but there are also several unique characteristics that you also need in order to thrive in the sector of education. What are these characteristics? Some of them are going to be discussed in more detail below – so if you are interested in becoming a teacher, you should certainly continue reading. 


Some of the lessons that you’ll be teaching will revolve heavily around skills and subjects that you’ve understood since you were young, to the point that the process of actually learning whatever it is you are teaching probably isn’t something you recall very well. This means that when it comes to teaching someone how to do something that you’ve understood for years, you can sometimes feel perplexed when they don’t grasp it immediately. 

For instance, you might think learning to read is something that you just developed over time, but there will have been a hard-working teacher behind your ability to do this. The impact of reading on students is huge, and as such, this is a skill you need to ensure you are imparting to those in your classroom – and you will need to be patient with them when it comes to doing this. 

Good Communication Skills 

One of the main aspects of being a teacher is being able to communicate one piece of information to someone in a certain way so that they can understand and retain it. This piece of information could be communicated verbally, through written communication, and sometimes through a practical demonstration. 

Regardless of the method that you decide to use, it is important that your message is conveyed in a way that is clear and concise. Be sure to practice public speaking and even ask friends and family if you can run through lesson plans with them to see how effective you are communicating what you’re working on. 


Kids aren’t going to learn from simply having you stand at the front of the class and read extracts from a book. In order to keep a class engaged and ensure they are feeling happy with what they’re learning and picking it up in a much more efficient way, you should be creative when deciding your lesson plans. 

There are a number of benefits that come with enhancing your creativity and many different ways that you can do this. These include the likes of picking up an artistic hobby, getting used to sharing some of your creative ideas with others, and taking time out in your personal life to look for inspiration. 


When it comes to being a teacher, there are a number of different skills you’re going to have to have in order to give your students the best education possible. Some of the most key skills include all of those that are listed above, such as creativity, patience, and solid communication skills. 

However, these are only some of the foundational basics to have – there are others, and the sky is the limit when it comes down to being an amazing teacher that students will remember for the rest of their lives.