If Paul Kagame was not born in Rwanda and was not a son of Rwandan like all of us?
If he was not once a refugee in Uganda and if he has not killed all the Rwandan innocent people who were in RDC refugee camps? If he had got not a short memory?
If he did not invade, attack and destroy Rwanda since 01/10/ 1990 as a rebel group leader?
If he did not desert Kibungo, Byumba, Ruhengeri, and other parts of Rwanda by his systematic killings since 1990 till today?
If Paul Kagame did not kill Fred Rwigema, Set Sendashonga, Theoneste Lizinde, Patrick Karegeya,Rwisereka and many more others?
If he died too killed by his RPF fellows like he has been unceasingly killing them one by one until now?
If he did not order his RPF soldiers to shoot the presidential aircraft and kill his predecessor president Habyarimana Juvenal?
If he did not cause the Rwandan Genocide and sacrificed Rwandan people in order to grab power in Rwanda?
If he was not the author and mastermind of this genocide?
If Paul Kagame did not decide to disrespect and abolish completely Arusha peace accords?
If he did not kill directly or indirectly Presidents Melchior Ndadaye, Cyprian Ntaraymira, Laurent Kabila?
If he respected President Pasteur Bizimungu and all other people who helped him to ascend into power in Rwanda?
If he was not a serial killer, a perpetual liar, a dictator, an authoritarian,a totalitarian, an autocratic, a tyrant and an Absolute monarch?
If Paul Kagame did not change the constitution of Rwanda in order to make himself a life ruler?
If he did not subdue and conquer by force Rwandan people militarily and hostage them?
If he did not invade RDC and start looting that country and kill more than 6,000,000 civilians there?
If he did not use international “bandits” in order to perpetually continuing exploiting Rwandan and looting RDC minerals?
If Paul Kagame did not choose to rally himself with big lobbyists and propagandists like Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Andrew Mwenda of Uganda, Andrew Mitchell of UK, Rev. Rick Warren who are “monetary and political mercenaries” and liabilities to Rwanda?
If he did not try to kill President Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi and want to destabilize and finally conquer that country?
If he did not crash opposition, nonprofit organizations, civil society in Rwanda and monopolize media and business sector in Rwanda?
If Paul Kagame did release all political prisoners in Rwanda whom he has imprisoned simply for their own opinions?
If he respected the democratic values in Rwanda and did not make Rwanda like North Korea?
If he allowed Diane Rwigara and Gilbert Mwenedata, Barafinda Sekikubo Fred to challenge him democratically in 2017 so called presidential elections?
If Paul Kagame kept his money in Rwanda and not in Panama and Morocco and other countries?
If he did not turn Rwanda into military and police state under a perpetual state of emergency over more than 23 years?
If he was arrested and judged by Hague ICC in Netherlands for causing Rwandan genocide and for committing other many Serious crimes against human rights?
If he has not managed to divide Rwandan diaspora as well as Rwandan people within the country?
If he has not formed many armed terrorist groups in Rwanda and abroad?
If Paul Kagame stopped using diplomatic facilities and Rwandan embassies as killings centers?
If he has not managed to dupe and fooling the whole world about all his criminality?
If he had a clean and a free corruption government which is for the people and not for the president and for their own interests only?
If he was a happy president and not a clumsy, a gloomy and a comic man in power?
If Paul Kagame stopped killing, kidnapping, intimidating, imprisoning, or exiling his political opponents?
If his name was written in “Guinness Book” as criminal serial killer who has massacred innumerable millions of people with impunity in the history of the world?
If he was killed as a sitting president like he killed Habyarimana Juvenal and Cyprian Ntaryamira?
If he was not being “forced” by the Rwandan people to continue “ruling” them for life? If he was able to make a personal and responsible decision with reasoning?
If Paul Kagame was a truthful and honest president and not a liar and thief?
If he lived a modest life and not a luxury life at detriment of the poor people of Rwanda?
If he was a president for the Rwanda people and not of his family and of the RPF cadres only?
If he did not accumulate all the country’s resources and all the riches of the country on himself alone?
If Paul Kagame was not a discriminator, a divider, a patronizer, a segregationist, a defiler, a terrorist?
If he did not display at Gisozi the remains and the bones of our beloved ones whom he killed during Rwandan genocide and in aftermath and he has refused us to bury them in honor which they deserve?
If he respected Rwanda as a republic and not as a dynastic absolute monarchy?
If Rwandan citizens were not living like slaves and under apartheid system in their own land?
If Paul Kagame did not remove the “name of God” from the defiled constitution but when swearing in as a life monarchic king of Rwanda he shamelessly pronounced “so help me God!” phrase?
If he could not be destroying the houses of the helpless Rwandan people under his hostage in order to keep himself as master of everything in Rwanda?
If Paul Kagame was not with Dany Munyuza, Jack Nziza, Muvunyi, Ibingiza, Joseph Nzabamwita and others like them?
If he worked so well to provide good facilities for the Rwandan people who are in more unprecedented need than before without parading, duping, faking, manipulating, falsifying, fabricating economic figures and showing off for a little which he has achieved?
If he could not have eliminated all the soldiers who fought the war of RPF with him from Uganda?
If he had no phobia, paranoia and did not behave himself like a lunatic, mad, crazy and a disordered person!
If Paul Kagame stopped stigmatizing the Rwandan people in order to keep them under perpetual intimidation, fear and terror?
If f he had got not his “trophies” like Akana Alice, Bamporiki, Rucagu Boniface,Bazivanmo, Me Uwizeyimana Evode, Bernard Makuza, Rwarakabije, and other people like them in Rwanda?
If African Union (AU) and some Westerners were not his political prey? And if some AU members were not the “birds of the same feathers?”
If he stopped victimizing and stigmatizing the Rwandan citizens?
If Paul Kagame was running Rwanda as a legitimate president?
If majority of Rwandan people (85%) who are slaves in their own land revolt themselves against his brutal and cruel ruling?
If international community treated him like Charles Taylor, Bashir, Laurent Gbagbo, Bin Laden?
If USA, UK, EU and other supporters of his cruelty leadership and his terrorism stopped supporting him?
If Rwanda had very determined, courageous charismatic liberators who could mobilize Rwandans to stand up for their rights?
If Congolese people rally themselves together in order to help remove him from his throne in Rwanda?
What could have happened or not happened to Rwanda with or without Paul Kagame? What could we have missed and what could we have gained? The presence of Paul Kagame in Rwanda has been worse than he could have been absent! Paul Kagame has been more a curse on Rwanda! Rwanda has gained so little if not nothing at all by having a son called Paul Kagame among her children! Paul Kagame has more destroyed Rwanda than rebuilt it.