I have followed all the speeches of Paul Kagame from the time he assaulted and raped the constitution of Rwanda and I have found that this man is now drunk, tired and has got no direction at all.

Paul Kagame, from the time he disappointed some people, although it should have not been so, who have supported him and who had been seeing him but wrongly as role model leader in Africa, by changing the Constitution of Rwanda in order to allow himself to be the eternal of ruler, has been attacking them very harshly, loosely and roughly, for challenge him, in return, for the constitutional crime that he committed.

It never ended on the constitution only, because, even during his “Nollywood” shows or campaigns for so the called 2017 presidential elections in August, he repeatedly and publicly came back without any reservation to the same verbal abuses against the Westerners, UK, USA,and all others countries and people of good will who tried to reason him against his continuation of violating democratic values.

Kagame Paul is man whom no one can reason or correct. It is like he was born to be stubborn and very strange. Last but not the least during his inaugural speech too he came back to these westerners whom he said they don’t want African people live their live the way they want. Now Kagame Paul boasts always on miracle and a “bullet” like development? Where does he get the money which he uses in his so called economy?

He knows that he was below poverty level when he was a rebel in the forest. Even those who were him say that he way too weak to fight the war. They say he was always being helped so many time by other people who were stronger than him. But my question has been always this: What happened to the other members of RPF to entrust to this inconsistent man Paul Kagame such a huge responsibility of being their leader? Which hidden agenda did they have to let him be in front as their chef?

For me I can see now that Kagame Paul is in his last kicks like a sick or an old lion, or either he has gone crazy or mad, or he is simply drunk of power and money, since he does no longer respect anyone in this world including those who have made him who he really is now. Kagame Paul is lost.

He is confused more than before. My assumption is that he is aware that any time he can be called by ICC in Hague like Charles Taylor and Laurent Gbagbo, and it is only a matter of time, to go and start answering for his historical criminal record. And This is why he is just trying to shield himself by calling on the African union members, but at the same expressing his anger at every one, to unite in a Libya’s “Gadhafi” way so that when he goes he might be remembered as a pan African hero or either he is juts trying to appeal to pity from these African leaders to start thinking about how to stand by him during his trialing moments, since he knows what is waiting him for the rest of his life and he is therefore seeking for attention from them.

Off course I am yet to hear him insult those same people he insults just because they try to reason him so that he avoids going astray when they are too giving him the same huge amount of money he shamelessly gets from them and which he is even uses to continue carrying out more killings in Rwanda and endless invasions of neighboring countries.

Kagame Paul is in his last days. He does not care and he is behaving like suicide bomber! Let us watch him and see his imminent fall. Paul Kagame has forgotten that “when you cut a tree while standing on it, you can end up falling down” and eventually get broken and even end up dying! But I know this can be thought about by a normal person and not Paul Kagame! One can think that Kagame Paul is the same as “Georges Banete.”

Paul Kagame has got many impediments in his life as a human being. He has repeatedly said that he is always forced to rule. This shows how he has no capacity to take personal decision by himself or he is just a lunatic.

Paul Kagame is incapacitated in so many ways: intellectually, mentally, physically, morally, physiologically, and the list of his impediments can go on and on! Paul Kagame is unteachable. He is as hard a stone in his heart and his head!

To teach or reason him is like to try to put water in a bamboo basket! Rwanda has been very unfortunate to have such a brutal, cruel, dull and uncaring ruler Paul Kagame!

God help Rwanda!

Amani Mahoro Peace