What Is The Best Crypto Exchange You Can Find Online?

Cryptocurrency has got several incontestable advantages over traditional currencies:

  • You can buy and sell everything anonymously.
  • The rate of exchange is not regulated. Crypto can be a good investment (nobody expected the second rise of Bitcoin).
  • More and more services and online shops accept cryptocurrencies every day. Now, you can afford almost everything with a simple Bitcoin wallet.
  • Currency protection rates are high – it is not easy to steal your electronic money. 

However, every person who is familiar with clever funding knows that a bare cryptocurrency is nothing. An intelligent investor also thinks about the best method of converting currencies. Today, we’ll tell you how you can buy crypto at Switchere.com and why it is so easy and exciting. Stay here to learn about the best online converter ever made. 

Switchere.com – Advantages, Peculiarities, and Reasons to Choose It

You might not be an experienced broker or financial expert to est all the advantages of this platform. The very first advantage is quick, secure, and non-risky registration. You do not need to save your bank accounts, ID, or other documents on the site, at least for instant and small operations. The verification process consists of two main steps:

  • You receive a code on your email address. 
  • We send you an SMS to verify your phone.
  • Also, you can sign up through your Google or Facebook accounts.

Double phone verification is one of the best protection measures against identity and account stealing. 

The whole process takes about one minute. And, now, you can sell and buy crypto-currencies with no limits. If you are ready to raise your numbers and hold significant operations, you’ll need to confirm your income, identity, and address. Each step expands the operation limits up to the unlimited maximum. Note that registration and using the platform are not prepaid. It is free for all users. On the contrary, you can instantly earn money with Switchere.com due to the easy affiliation program. 

The second advantage of the platform is the fast speed of transactions. As a rule, they do not take more than an hour. All the delays are usually connected with bank accounts. To avoid it, now you can deposit a sum on your Switchere account to get instant transactions within the site. 

The third one is the lowest rate of fees online. For example, to purchase Bitcoin with $100, you’ll need to pay only a 3.6 dollar fee. The same 3.6% of transactions wait for you with Euro. Some local payments imply from 5.6 to 7.1%, Neteller Euro and Dollar accounts require 7.5% fees plus 0.50 USD or Euros. SEPA service has only a 0.8% fee. The fees do not change depending on the sum. That’s why significant exchange payments are more profitable. 

Buy Crypto with Credit Card on Switchere.com

Finally, the main advantage of this currency convert platform is the widest variety of options:

  1. First, you can choose from different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoins, Dash, Etherium, and others. You can become a proficient cryptocurrency investor without additional knowledge and gear. 
  2. Second, Switchere is your best choice to buy cryptocurrency with debit card. It does not matter if you use Visa or MasterCard of any bank of the world. If the card belongs to these companies and has got an access to online payments, you are in the game. Also, it does not matter if you use a debit or credit card. The only thing that can forbid you to buy cryptocurrency with credit card is the limit settled by your bank. For the small and moderate transactions, we need nothing but a number of your card. There is no need to get to the bank for an account number or holder’s personal information. 
  3. Finally, Switchere is a special place for our Asian and African clients, as it has switched on many local payments. Now you can pay or send money via Switchere having just Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, or local Indonesian currencies. 

The other pleasant services include:

  • Read fresh news from the cryptocurrency sphere.
  • Online currency rates you can use to make profits.
  • An interesting blog that will entertain and help you to buy crypto with visa properly.
  • Special options for enterprise clients. 
  • Fast website with the easiest design. In the future, we are planning to launch a mobile application using all the platforms.

That is why Switchere.com is the best way to buy crypto with MasterCard and conduct other operations with money. Do not delay. Register now to get rid of your problems with currency conversions.