What Is the Rwandan Strongman Smoking?

By David Himbara

Kagame Boasted on December 18, 2021 that “Education Continues to Be at the Forefront of Our Strategy to Develop a Knowledge-Based Economy.”

General Paul Kagame boasted on December 18, 2021 that “education continues to be at the forefront of our strategy to develop a knowledge-based economy.”

What the Rwandan strongman smoking? Let us at the question of human capital. When nations robustly improve skills, health, knowledge, and resilience, their human capital – people – become more productive, flexible, and innovative.

Put another way, countries that have seriously invested in human capital have spectacularly transformed themselves via rapid technological change. Kagame’s Rwanda is a disaster in this sense.

The World Bank’s Human Capital Index ranks Rwanda 142 out of 157 countries. In East Africa, Rwanda is the most impoverished in human capital – worse than Burundi which is ranked 138; Uganda at 137; Tanzania at 128; and Kenya at 94.

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