What Sport Makes the Most Money: Top 6 Most Paid Sports

Sports mean large financial investments and no less high fees. There is a continuous cash flow around every professional sport, which includes sponsorship investments, transportation costs, organizing matches, purchasing and maintaining equipment, salaries for coaches and players, etc. According to the latest sport news published on the website https://combatsportevents.com, annual salaries for other sports can be compared with the budgets of countries! As practice shows, some sports are paid higher, while others are much less. On the basis of this, we can make a list of sports that make the most money.

Formula 1

The first place in our list is occupied by the Formula 1 circuit car races. This quick sport is considered to be the most expensive sport in the world. The average salary of a rider is 500,000 euros per year.

Having appeared in the middle of the last century, auto racing continues to delight its many fans today. Racetracks are paying millions just to have Formula 1 spend a few days there.


Yacht racing takes second place in the rating. Combatsportevents.com recently posted in top sport news that the bonus of participants involved in sailing reaches millions.

Horseback Riding

The equestrian sport ranks third on our list. The cost of a horse often reaches a million dollars and is quite comparable to the cost of the best high-speed racing cars. Animals require proper care, nutrition, maintenance, etc. But despite the high deposit, equestrian sport brings a hit and a lot of money to the participants.

According to the experts of the site Combatsportevents.com, who regularly post sport news online, equestrian sports can bring millions to those who dare to do it.


Football is also in our ranking and comes in fourth place. Today, the Spanish club “Real” is recognized as the most expensive in Europe, as its cost was 3,224,000,000 euros in 2019. The players of this club are considered to be the highest-paid in the world.


Golf is also on our list. It is a new and very fashionable sport, often played by wealthy and influential people who are willing to invest serious sums of money to gain membership in a prestigious golf club. Such investments often result in huge profits for the participant.


Boxing ranks sixth in the Top 6 highest paid sports. It attracts men more, but women’s competitions are also often held. This is due to the fact that boxing is a spectacular and quite dangerous sport. Floyd Mayweather is considered the highest-paid boxer in history. In a fight in 2015 with the participation of this boxer, $ 400 million was earned. The ticket price reached $ 150,000! 

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