While the country is on its verge of bankruptcy, The junta’s son is showing a middle finger to suffering Rwandans

By Gakwerere

While the country is on its verge of bankruptcy. While youth unemployment is hitting the roof, at around 70% and bodaboda being the highest employment sector for youths in Rwanda. While civil servants, city cleaners and government contractors are going for months without being paid.

While redundancies in both the government and public sectors are on a high. While the trade deficit is high. While hospitals are lacking all types of essential medicines. While the country is going for years with load shedding, total lack of sufficient electricity especially in dry seasons. While the education system is depleted and empty, as one of Criminal Paul Kagame sycophant recently labeled it a waste. While the country is experiencing the highest levels of mortgage foreclosures, business relocations and failings. While the country is going through unprecedented hunger, shortage of foods and inflation on consumer commodities……etc. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the “Singapore of Africa” as the junta always refers his kingdom – Rwanda.

The junta’s son is showing a middle finger to suffering Rwandans per the photos circulating on social media which he released. The photos shows that what matters in a dictatorship, a totalitarian and police regimes are the ruling families; the rest of the populace are a batch of SHIT, pure cow dung or excrement for the rulers. Now, Kagame is the country, Kagame is the proprietor of Rwanda, and without Kagame Rwanda doesn’t exist.

That is Rwanda’s socialite Ivan Cyomoro hitting the American celebrity world using the tax payers’ cash. You don’t need to go far to see the real definition of a banana Republic.

Rwandan refugees and their children are for slaughtering in refugee camps of Uganda and Congo, South Africa and Congo Braz, while our nationals inside are living in bigger prison in middle of grave yard where the cruel chief prison kills as he wants!!Our people are childless and children are orphans while the Rwandan killer's children are enjoying luxuries in USA and Europe.

Publié par Rugema Kayumba sur vendredi 10 novembre 2017