who is a nationalist and who is a double agent.

By Gakwerere

One is a nationalist who loves his country to the bottom of his heart and willing to lay his life for his country. Another, a double agent and an assassin who has sold the country to a foreign state. One has fought tirelessly against a foreign aggressor, the other has invited and positioned agents of foreign aggressor in sensitive positions. One is living under the fear of being eliminated by the other with the support of a foreign aggressor who has been sponsoring and guiding his dirty actions.

The double agent officer knew in advance assassination plans of nationalist senior UPDF officers by foreign aggressor i.e Gen James Kazini, Gen Nobel Mayombo, Col Sula Semakula…..etc, the total annihilation of UPDF command structure that fought against Rwanda in Kisangani – 2000, in what in military history is now known the six day war. Currently, he is being implicated by various sources in the assassination of Inspector General of Police, Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

The double agent officer is positioning to be the next President of Uganda. He has the financial muscles behind him, the political network up to village level behind him, a foreign aggressor who is willing to back him at all cost, well organised intelligence network behind him and he has the brain/totally smart. Don’t be shocked the next President of Uganda to be a senior agent of a foreign nation.

Lets continue watching this game of cat and mouse, the game of death between a nationalist who loves his country against a marauding double agent serving the interests of a foreign aggressor.