Why General Sam Kaka decided to enrol with UNILAK for his master’s degree?

By Gakwerere

In any police state, one needs to scratch the surface in order to understand the seriousness of hatred that political vampires have against the oppressed citizens. The social – economic complexity needs serious over watch for batter analysis and understanding.

This week, Rwandans were treated to galaxy of photos of Gen Sam Kaka, with Kigali mouth piece tabloids splashing him on their front pages and congratulating him for attaining a master’s degree. Thank God, on Thursday 25/01/2018, the usual culprits that have been under constant attacks from Directorate of Military Intelligence led tabloids/newspapers survived the onslaught, as the Kigali tabloid dedicated their front pages to praising Gen Sam Kaka.

Obviously, as usual, Rwanda’s directorate of Military Intelligence led tabloids didn’t mention how he ended up studying his master’s degree in one of the shithole University in the African Continent – UNILAK. With the start, all education ratings of African Universities, no single Rwandan Universities comes in the top 100 African Universities. Each year, there are different ratings of 100 African Universities; no University in criminal Paul Kagame’s land has ever been positioned in the top 100 since 1994. Information is out there for everyone to cross check.

One of the main criteria that they look at while rating education institutions, it is the capacity – levels of research that an institution carries out and secondly, the quality of lecturers. With Kagame’s policy of financial cuts within the education system which has led to massive underinvestment in education, this has led to catastrophic consequences in the education system, thus having shithole universities that in Congo we used to call POTEZA WAKATI (waste of time). The state of Rwanda’s education system will be a debate of another time.

Back to Gen Sam Kaka, the General who is somehow on side-line with a ridiculous post in criminal Paul Kagame’s commission of Human right; the useless National Commission of Human Right. This is a government Human right body that is totally not fit for the purpose, especially when you consider the gross human rights abuses that engulf the country under this junta regime.

According to reliable sources, in early 2015, Gen Sam Kaka applied for a master’s degree place in different top Universities’, Malaysian University – University of Malaya (UM) in Kuala Lumpur, India’s Bangalore University and the University of Cape Town. His applications were accepted by all these three institutions. His preferred choice was the University of Cape Town because of its proximity to Rwanda. The master’s degree applications were in Peace and conflict studies, a one year full time course.

Gen Sam Kaka doesn’t have an undergraduate degree, but he was allowed in these universities for his master’s degree due to senior six certificate, military diplomas and vast work experience; both in the military and civilian sectors.

After securing university places, he approached the ministry of education and the ministry of defence for scholarship assistance; but both institutions weren’t forthcoming as both complained to be short of funds; with the ministry of defence directing him to solicit the help – funds with the ministry of Justice since they are his current employers.

After spending half of the 2015 trying to raise funds or access a scholarship without success, General Sam Kaka decide to enrol with UNILAK for his master’s degree this time opting for International Criminal Law on a part time basis for two years, since his initial choice on Peace and conflict studies isn’t available at any of the shithole Universities in Rwanda. UNILAK shithole wasn’t his initial choice for studying his master’s degree.

By all means, everyone knows the real person behind Gen Sam Kaka’s failure to secure government assistance/.help/scholarship. Criminal Paul Kagame would never allow a person like General Sam Kaka to stay for over a year outside the country, especially knowing the good working relationship that he used to have with Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa. A paranoid Paul Kagame wouldn’t allow untrusted General the luxury of being free outside Rwanda.