Why is Frank Rusagara in Prison? Because Revolutions eat their children! By Dr Himbara

Three speculations have been advanced to explain the imprisonment of retired General Frank Rusagara:1) Frank is related to David Himbara, a former assistant-turned critic of President Paul Kagame; 2) Frank has been communicating with exiled Nyamwasa/Karegeya; 3) Frank is part of effort attempting to reconcile exiled historicals and RPF leadership, contrary to the latter’s wishes.

I personally find these speculations unconvincing.

And as for me, I have no basis whatsoever to speculate about Frank who I last spoke to in 2010, the time I left Rwanda. If you disagree with the government of Rwanda you are turned into a criminal. Because of this strange political culture, I deliberately chose “to carry my own cross” by cutting links to my entire family, lest they are criminalized by extension.

But in any event why speculate about the imprisonment of Rwandan generals? We already have a basis to explain their imprisonment. The term “revolution eats its children” is most appropriate here. For those interested in comparative history, in almost all post-revolution societies, initially, the agenda is to remove members of the old regime – in Rwanda case, the genocidal regime. The fight for power soon begins, whereby same techniques used to eliminate or imprison former rulers now target members of the revolution.

Rwandan revolution has this way began to feed on its children. Look at the recent past. At least 5 military generals were arrested in the past 3 years; 2 top military leaders were conveniently sent outside Rwanda as ambassadors. Some of these generals were “rehabilitated” and even promoted – after they were “taught a lesson”. Intimidation is the order of the day.

Analyzed from this angle, the imprisonment of Rusagara fits a pattern of a fearful government afraid of even its own children – children therefore who must be eaten. Watch out. As we get closer to 2017, with the current head of state determined to hang on to power at all cost, the revolution will eat more of its children.


David Himbara