Why It’s Dangerous to Use Alcohol During Divorce

Divorce procedure is a serious obstruction to normal and steady lifestyle. Constant stress and tension makes it difficult to maintain your routine activities. Not all people in divorce procedure can cope with the challenge. Those who have not enough personal strength and support try to deal with the situation in their way. Yet, the means are usually harmful to divorcees as well as their surroundings. 

Going into depression, apathy to events around you, alcohol or drugs use are the common way to escape pressure and problems in the process of divorce. While you are looking for a good excuse and pretending to drink several glasses of wine just to relax, mind that it is the beginning of the end. If you don’t realize that alcohol misuse is a real problem< it will eventually ruin your career, social connections, reputation and chances for a happy life in general.

Why Alcohol is Primary Solution

No matter who initiated the divorce, both parties won’t take it indifferently. There will be a feeling of loss, disappointment, anger, so straightly after and during the whole process, it is vital to have someone to support you. You used to have your partner beside you to back you up physically and mentally in routine cases and special occasions, so, there will certainly be a strong feeling of emptiness. Having no support or desire to take help from other people, either family, friends or specialists, you will end up ruining your life with bad habits and bad decisions. 

  • Fill in the emptiness – losing your life partner is not easy to take, even if it was you to sign the divorce paper form first. You will have to change your life, to look for some clever option to substitute your ex-spouse’s activities, to perform his/her obligations on your own, to search for interaction and communication. But all of this needs efforts, while with several alcohol shots you will find the way to relax and solve all the issues with ease, no matter the consequences. 
  • Switch off the problems – dealing with cheap divorce papers online, filing for divorce without an attorney, dealing with uncontested divorce will decrease the number of problems and divorce issues, yet, you won’t get divorced with no stress and fuss. When you get overwhelmed with life hurdles, a good dose of alcohol to forget everything for a while seems to be a nice idea.
  • Gain the courage – by getting divorced you may lose solid round under your feet and feeling unconfidence may prevent you from moving on. In some situations, alcohol use may seem a reasonable choice to gain the courage to ask for a date, to pass job interviews, to stand your ground and many other issues.

One can think of multiple excuses to drink alcohol for good aim, but the truth is that you will never get positive results with alcohol misuse. On the contrary, there is a high chance to burn your life to ashes and harm people around you.

Health Risks

Most researchers say that there is no safe dose of alcohol. So no matter what makes you drink, how much or how often you do it, the result will be the same. You will cause serious harm to your health. 

Uncontrollable consuming of alcohol may increase the risk for following health problems: cancer, infertility, heart disease, liver disease, problems with digestion, high blood pressure and many more issues. Being under constant stress and pressure, your exhausted organism becomes more vulnerable and simple illness combined with alcohol consumption may lead to chronic or serious disease. 

The first step to preventing serious problems with health is to admit the harmful effect of alcohol, and only then you will be ready and eager to receive the help of specialists and support of your friends and relatives. 

Social Risks

You can handle divorce issues without attorneys or mediators with the help of divorce do it yourself kit, yet, there is no chance that you will live on without supports of your friends and relatives, steady work and good reputation. More to this, alcohol consumption will not grant you with successful life do it yourself kit. 

Drinking too much alcohol will make you ruin social connections, lose the trust of your relatives and friends, blacken your reputation. Occasional co-drinkers will not do anything good to you.

Furthermore, employers will lose interest and desire to hire you or continue cooperation. This will increase your financial problems and alcohol issues will go even worse.

Due to this, you’d better think thoroughly if you are ready to pay such a price for short-term pleasure and relaxation.

Bad Example

It is widely known that children often follow the behavioral model of their parents. That is why, children of drinking parents usually start consuming alcohol earlier and more frequently, than their peers. When you misuse alcohol, you harm your health and personal issues as well as motivate your children to drink. 

Moreover, if your love of alcohol is widely known, forget about privileges on custodial arguments. This fact will evoke negative outcomes of the divorce process, anyway. 

Tips to Find a Way out

There is no tragedy if you have problems with alcohol, the went worse in the result of divorce, and now you want to solve them. The disaster is no wish to admit that alcohol is your problem and no desire to change anything for better. Here are basic tips to cope with alcohol issues. 

  • Qualitative support – when you admit that you have a problem and your powers are not enough to overcome it, it is very important to get qualitative help. First of all, you should communicate more with your friends and relatives to get mental support, then you should ask specialists for professional help. If you want to get it cheaper and easier way, you are free to join your local support group o get support online, even on divorce platforms.
  • Wise control – the next step is to set limits on alcohol consumption and try to handle it on your own or ask some close person to help you not to go breaking bad. 
  • Source of inspiration – you should also search for some source of inspiration and relaxation without alcohol. It may be meditation, a new hobby, or spending time with your kids. You need anything to distract you from alcohol and give you inner strength.

Generally, if you admit that alcohol cannot solve your problems and are ready to change yourself for better, your chance for a happy life is not lost.

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