So the International Conference on Great Lakes (ICGLR) summit in Kampala is over, boycotted by the principal culprit in the tragedy, President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, and presided over by President Museveni of Uganda. Though it had been widely publicized that twelve Heads of States would attend the summit, only President Mwai Kibaki of Kenya and President Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania showed up. It has been established, credibly and compellingly by the UN Group of Experts Report that Rwanda and Uganda are behind the so-called M23 rebellion in DRC.

It is self-evident that the international community is not interested in the plight of Congolese people. The summit was notable in the absence of other Africans and African institutions. The absence of concerned Africans and institutions was compounded by the much expected absence of the rest of the international community.

The so-called International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) whose establishment Rwanda opposed until Kagame was comforted that it would be an ineffectual body, is a largely ignored body. Unless he can manipulate it and bend it to his wishes, Kagame has no respect for it. Like Kagame, Museveni knows that ICGLR is a toothless tool to be brandished to attract the attention of the western powers and international community on the one hand, while keeping some concerned Africans and international community from acting in response to the endless crises in the Great lakes region on the other. “Leave it to us, we shall handle it ourselves”, Museveni tells Americans and Europeans who are not about to shed their blood to defend Africans dying in DRC. When asked by concerned constituencies as to what is being done about the bleeding of DRC and Rwanda, western powers will say, ” O, we support Africans to solve their own problems through regional bodies like ICGLR”. This is a coded way of saying, ” if Africans are butchering themselves, let them put their house in order”.

President Kagame, the most notorious culprit in the DRC saga, decided to snub his peers in the region, and did not show up. That is his typical arrogance and disdain towards other Africans and sections of the international community that increasingly look at him as a villain who presides over a rogue state. What did the summit hope to achieve without the offending party in the conflict? Could we assume that he knew so well that President Museveni, with whom they have a history of adventure into DRC, would take care of their mutual interests? Nothing of substance came out of the summit. The whole diplomatic circus was a public relations gimmick to mislead African and international opinion.

It is indeed ridiculous that the summit decided that “one company of an international neutral force, one company of the Congolese army (FARDC) and one company of M23” would be deployed in Goma. Essentially, two companies ( neutral force + Congolese army) and one company of enemy forces (M23+ Rwanda+ Uganda) would be dancing together in Goma! Where over 20, 000 UN peacekeepers with an annual budget of over 1.5 billion US dollars have failed, how will the two penniless companies succeed?

The most outrageous outcome of the summit is the futile provision that Rwandan and Ugandan generals are to oversee, supervise and lead the cessation of hostilities and peace process in DRC. General Kabarebe ( Minister of Defence of Rwanda), General Kayonga ( Chief of Defence Forces of Rwanda) and other Rwandan senior officers have been identified by the UN Group of Experts Report as the architects and operational leaders of the M23 war-making effort. Uganda’s military officers, notably General Salim Saleh ( President Museveni’s young brother), General Kale Kayihura ( Uganda’s Chief of Police) and other Ugandan officers have been mentioned by the same UN Report. If the international community was interested in ending the conflict, there should be robust sanctions against these individuals and their commanders-in-chief. Museveni and Kagame sat and decided that they would supervise and lead the sham process. The lions have decided they will baby-sit the lambs.

The Congolese people should set aside their differences and unite to reject this latest Kagame aggression against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Africans and the rest of the international community should unite in support of the Congolese and Rwandan brothers and sisters to get rid of the brutal regime of President Kagame that has brought so much death and destruction to Congolese and Rwandan people.

Africans must mobilize and organize, not agonize.

We shall win!

Theogene Rudasingwa


  1. i have occasionally read content of the ‘therwandan’ website, and have a feeling it represents an alternative voice to the Rwandan people. That said, i find Theogenes article ‘…kampala summit, a total failure’ below the stature of a man supposed to be an opposition leader. am not qualified to comment on matters of Rwanda, but i think he is allowing his hatred for Kagame obscure his analysis. First of all, Kagame, like other presidents, doesnt have to attend each meeting in person, he sent a representative. how many times has Kagame been in Kampala over this matter in the past few months? Kabila hasnt complained about Kagames absence, but Rudasigwa feels more hurt than the congolese!!Kagame hasnt objected to what was passed in the summit. For the first time M23 leaders met Kabila face to face, how can this be called ‘failure’? A plan for withdraw of troops from Goma, and handing the city back to Kinshasha have been finalised, and to Rudasingwa, this is a failure! Commitment by the Kinshasha government to address the M23 issues was declared, This too is supposed to be a failure! He goes ahead to mislead readers that, Kinshasha, M23(which he says is Kigali+kampala), and MONUC are going to jointly manage Goma. From what i heard, M23 are to withdraw atleast 20km from Goma under a plan given to them by the region. The region has mandated Uganda army commander to lead the team to see this happens, and work with Rwanda and Congo army commanders. after this MONUC is to deploy between M23 and Kinshasha forces to allow for the resolution of the conflict diplomatically. In the meantime, a batallion led by Tanzania is to deploy along the boarders of Rwanda and Congo, to monitor the allegations of support. All the above have been arrived at, in a relatively short time if you know how international diplomacy works. This to Rudasingwa is failure.i dont know the true genesis of M23-Kinshasha troubles, or who is supporting who, and for what reasons, but what am sure about is africa needs to start solving its own problems rather than running to the UN all the time.The so-called toothless ICGLR, is what has provided the best solution to date, otherwise even Kabila wouldnt have put faith in it to keep coming. UN has enough on its plate to want to engage in all african conflicts. let them solve the Irag, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Gaza conflicts first, then they will have credentials to help Africa

  2. Unfortunately AR, i doubt the International community is very much interested in solutions in the Congo. First of all, the 1.5 billion dollars doesnt really come from their economies(if you are conversnat with UN financing). Then why keep the mandate for the biggest UN deployment in the world ineffective!! atleast change their mandate to allow them engage any negative forces, like was done in Somalia. How can a rebel outfit match from town to town, without any resistance at all, and the UN forces are just watching? if this is the sign of seriousness, chech out Somalia, and you will understand how by a mere mandate, things can change on the ground. but again Somalia is dealing with International terror, a subject close to the hearts of the west(UN), and Congo, just another African nuisance. Only the region will solve Congo’s issues, and the sooner Kinshasha gets this, the faster the resolution.

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