Will UK Aid to Rwanda be reviewed after Karake Karenzi arrest?

There is no guarantee for such outcome.

The case of Rwanda in UK foreign policy seems entrenched within national/ internal priorities in terms of justification of AID to development.

Rwanda is wrongly perceived as a model of success of aid to development throughout the UK political circles, from Labour to Conservatives, the two main political parties.

UK has fallen victim of the Rwandan “economic miracle” promoted by specialist PR companies that Kigali has over the years hired at the cost of millions of $ to portray a fake development of the country where 82% of Rwandans still live under $2 a day.

The Podcast RWANDA: Has Britain been beguiled, which was aired by BBC Radio 4 on Thursday 16/07/15, broadcasts (starting from minute 00.02.23) the context of the arrest of Karake Karenzi.

It emerges from the programme that Britain might not change necessarily its AID policy towards Rwanda because of UK internal political vested interests and despite serious allegations against Karake Karenzi and his RPF colleagues.

Former conservative minister Andrew Mitchell, and Cherie Blair leading Karake Karenzi defense team appear convinced that the case in contention should not change the nature of existing relations between the two countries.

Though there are other voices in UK calling for making more conditional to improvement of human rights any aid to development given to Rwanda.

Ambrose Nzeyimana.