Museveni the double crosser

I don’t know if I happen to be the only one worried about this development in Burundi. Rebels, mainly Hutus who formerly occupied high ranks and commands are addicted to threatening a military action until Pierre Nkurunziza leaves power. Hutus, of all the people in Burundi!!!! After all the turbulence they passed through under Tutsi dictatotrs: Micombero, Bagaza and Buyoya!!!! In those days they didn’t even have the right to demonstrate they have today, never to join the military and forget about being diplomats. These people are really surprising.

Now, another surprise is that Kagame, together with his government opposes Nkurunziza presenting themselves as a model state of democracy!!! Soon before it gets far, we see a lot of Burundian Tutsis running to Rwanda as refugees even before there is any war!!! We get confused but we guess there is something to it.

Yes, the recently captured rebels in the north at Kayanza, Kibira and Cibitoke tell us who they are and how they got to be where tMuseveni Rwanda’s RPF is playing its usual malicious role that the US and UK made it for in the 1990s. The worst is expected.

Now again look, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of all the people is picked to play a mediator in a country his very friend Paul Kagame wants to destabilise!!!!!! That Museveni can seek peace in Burundi? Any one to think of this must be myopic.

Read this:
After Museveni is anointed by the East African community to broker for peace in Burundi – suddenly Rwanda becomes quiet. Its officials no longer criticise or verbalize anything on the issue. Surprised?!!!!!

Read this:
Museveni offers his own terms in order to do the brokering. His able military services in the number of a hundred heavily armed forces are to be deployed in Bujumbura a week before. He carries with him more military operatives!!!!!!! With him are tens of IT experts and logistical specialists!!!!?

You haven’t heard a thing yet!!!
Museveni has moved with all those to Bujumbura just to pass two days and a single night. When he talks with the “Barundi” it is simply rubbish about unity, economic market and not talking about power or term limits. He informs the people that those are not the only things they need. He also tries to lecture them on how good was the first independence figure Rwagasore. This man is taught in the history of Burundi and this all Burundians know him. Museveni giving lesson on him is simply shirking from intent.

Note this:
Museveni leaves Kampala through Entebbe. He was in his bird of the sky. But what? He had a plan to land in Kigali!!!!! Perhaps to drink Ikivuguto before driving to Kirundo and then Bujumbura. The trick is clear. In Rwanda he met those he wanted and then crossed to Burundi carrying with him the Rwandan spies included – Sezibera!!

After the two days of easy talking and broken history lectures that he is poor in, Museveni leaves Bujumbura. He is to go but he promises to send another mediator in his name – Ugandan minister of defense.

Think it:
Museveni has a minister to do with the East African Community! Museveni has a minister to do with international cooperation – why send one for defense?? Lord forbid!! Because he is the boss of all those army men now deployed in Burundi!!!

I am one of those who mark Museveni as a trouble maker in the great lakes region. His ways are treachery and personal motives. He is unto something rather than arbitration. He is the last man who can go against what Rwanda is for!! Rwanda is for destroying Burundi and Museveni is party to that. Woe on Burundi!!!

Theogene Karenzi