31 Years On – Rwigema’s Son, Gisa Jr, Wisely Chooses Exile than Risk His Life inside Kagame’s Dictatorship

By David Himbara

When on November 6, 2021, General Paul Kagame publicly instructed that the son of Fred Rwigema, Eric Gisa Junior, must return to Rwanda from exile, Kagame unintentionally admitted he is still haunted by the unresolved killing of Rwigema Senior, 31 years on. It is an open secret that Rwigema was killed by his subcommanders Peter Bayingana and Chris Bunyenyezi who were also murdered as part of the coverup.

Kagame replaced Rwigema as leader of the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) – and has since 1990 eliminated all RPF leaders and crowned himself the dictator of Rwanda.

Kagame never conducted an inquiry into Rwigema’s death. Gisa Junior realizes what happens to families whose loved ones mysteriously perish in Kagame’s dictatorship – Kagame destroys them.

Gisa Junior also fully recognizes that since 2015, Article 114 of the amended Rwandan Constitution weaponizes Kagame’s impunity by immunizing him “for treason or serious and deliberate violation of the Constitution” even after he leaves office. Gisa Junior, please stay where you are.

Kagame will not live forever – you will return to Rwanda when safe to do so.

Stay tuned.