Kagame Begged Fred Rwigema’s Son Gisa Jr to Stop Being Influenced By Self-Important Uganda and Return to Rwanda from Exile

The bridegroom and the bride listening to General Paul Kagame’s crazed speech at their wedding reception

By David Himbara

General Paul Kagame shocked the families attending the wedding of Fred Rwigema’s daughter, Teta, when invited to bless the occasion with presidential remarks.

No sooner than Kagame grabbed the microphone than he launched into a crazed lecture on why he does not want Fred Rwigema’s son, Eric Gisa Jr, to remain a refugee.

According to Kagame, it is a neighbouring country – read Uganda – that maliciously misleads Gisa Jr to remain exiled. The self-important neighbouring state falsely believes that it is the creator of Rwanda, says Kagame.

The Rwandan dictator then uttered some disjointed statements, including the strange proclamation that if he died, he will be happy because he does not owe anyone any debt – not even God.

At some point, Kagame begged the bride to ask her exiled brother to return to Rwanda that his father fought to liberate. “Deliver my message to your brother that I don’t want and I don’t like that Fred’s son is a refugee.”

Will Gisa Jr return to Kagame’s Rwanda? And why did he flee in the first place?

Stay tuned.