Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest In This Month

The crypto market is always set to launch new crypto assets. Today, there are more than 18,000 cryptocurrencies in this world. You can imagine the pace at which the crypto market is growing. With time, cryptocurrencies have become stronger and with every downfall, they come back roaring stronger than ever. If you want to trade crypto use for authentic exchanges and safe transactions.

The concepts of finances have been entirely reshaped after the launch of crypto assets. More and more people are showing interest in cryptocurrencies and various potential investors are looking for the right crypto assets to invest in.

This article provides well-researched information about the latest crypto assets for interested investors. This guide will show you the new cryptocurrencies you should put your money in. 

Cryptocurrencies to Buy This Month: 

Though there are plenty of cryptocurrencies in the crypto industry. We have here listed down the best ones for you.

  • Defi Coin
  • Lucky Block
  • Tikka Token
  • StepN
  • Terra
  • Avalanche

Defi Coin: 

Defi Coin or DEFC is listed as one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy this month. There was a downfall noted in the crypto market but during all that time this was the only crypto asset that shot up over 500% on news. This crypto asset was launched by the platform Defi Swap.

After the launch of this exchange platform, anyone can purchase the Defi Coin by simply swapping or exchanging from another cryptocurrency. This exchange platform Defi Coin, and Defi Swap also work as a Defi staking platform. If you want the top rate, you must have to lock in your Defi Coin for a year.

This new coin is designed for long-term investments as it offers good profits. Also, this platform charges almost a 10% fee on every Defi Coin Sale. This strategy motivates the investors to keep holding the coins. Investors should be holding onto this coin as it can bring good turnovers.

Lucky Block: 

Lucky-block also comes under the category of best crypto assets to buy. It is a play-to-earn crypto game that brings its users an opportunity to win a slice of the $2.2 million reward pool. Moreover, this platform offers its players a free-of-cost entry into the drawing by simply linking their wallets to Lucky Block. All the additional tickets cost around 5 dollars.

The Lucky Block cryptocurrency owns a native token too, LBLOCK. This coin is known for being one of its kind because 10% of the daily prize’s drawing is given as a reward to the LBLOCK token holders. This way, the users of the lucky block can earn a good income. Moreover, this coin is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

Tikka Token: 

This token known as the wealth management coin has huge growth potential. Tikka token is the latest crypto token launched in the crypto market. It is being launched by Cube Wealth which is a health management platform. This platform is majorly aimed at the people of India. Though this token has not been officially launched in the crypto market but claims to provide access to Cube Wealth’s platform.

The platform of Tikka Token has announced that the holders of this token will share the trading fees from the Cube Wealth health platform. The entire platform is managed by a skilled and professional team and is expected to go places after its launch.


This crypto token is known for its Move-to-earn features and works great for the people that want to hold it for the long term. You might be hearing this name for the very first time as this cryptocurrency is new in the crypto market.

StepN is a unique move-to-earn crypto asset that brings you a lot more than what a normal cryptocurrency or NFT can offer. What users have to do is simply purchase an NFT sneaker and track their routinely walking, jogging, and other moving activities to gain steps. The users will earn StepN as a reward. The professionals are quite excited about its launch but it can take a long time to work out in the crypto market.


Routine investors or potential investors can benefit from this article as we have discussed the best cryptocurrencies currently leading the crypto market. If you are willing to invest in crypto today, you must check Defi Coin and Lucky Block for staking.