Commercial Fridge and Freezer Market are Booming

Commercial refrigeration units are designed differently from domestic models. Commercial refrigeration, often found in restaurants and other hospitality establishments, plays a crucial role in the smooth running of front- and back-of-house operations and offers a wide range of optional extras. Given the gear’s importance, the venue has to choose a version that works with their storage requirements.

Market Prediction 

Data Bridge Market Research predicts a 7% growth rate for the commercial refrigeration and freezer industry between 2022 and 2029. Fast-paced urbanization seems to be the primary factor propelling the expansion of the commercial refrigeration and freezing equipment market.

The commercial refrigeration and freezing market are divided into submarkets based on the types of shops that stock them: discount stores, supermarkets, warehouse clubs, mass merchandisers, and the internet.

Full-service restaurants & hotels, the food processing sector, hospitals, retail pharmacies, and quick-service restaurants comprise a subset of the commercial refrigerator & freezer market’s end-user segment.

According to the Food Safety and Inspection Service, the worldwide market for commercial refrigeration equipment will increase from 37.25 billion dollars in 2021 to 58.31 billion dollars in 2028.

New Innovations as Demand Grows

Since companies that make refrigerating equipment constantly want to enhance their products, there will always be a market for cutting-edge refrigeration technology. For example, Carrier’s commercial divisions produce vaccines and other perishables that must be kept cold throughout international travel by manufacturing transport refrigeration equipment and cold chain tracking and monitoring systems.

Demand for commercial refrigeration equipment has risen recently as businesses seek to maximize productivity while decreasing overhead expenses. Consequently, there is a growing need for commercial refrigeration equipment among enterprises.

Businesses may save money and time by transporting perishable goods in cold storage, such as trucks and warehouses.

End-users worldwide commercial refrigeration equipment market may help satisfy regulatory requirements while saving money (such as meeting food safety standards).

Ian Boer, One of Australia’s Leading Refrigeration Experts

One of Australia’s major players operating in the commercial upright freezer and refrigerator market is Ian Boer Refrigeration and Catering Equipment. They have been helping Australian businesses fulfill their refrigeration needs for 32 years and have grown to become commercial refrigeration rental and sales leaders. Ian Boer offers:

Upright Glass Door Display Fridges & Freezers

Typically utilized for beverage display in front-of-house applications, Upright Glass Door Display Refrigerators & Freezers are available in attractive standalone and countertop configurations to accommodate venue space constraints. Because freestanding glass door fridges and freezers offer a larger storage capacity, the venue may showcase a wide variety of ready-to-serve beverages. Countertop variants are small in size and have a broad range of uses in food courts and retail malls.

Commercial Upright Glass Door Freezers

An upright display freezer is an excellent option to show off your frozen items to the consumer. A Solid Door Upright freezer is another option to consider if the freezer will not be accessible to the public.

Commercial Upright Glass Door Fridges

There is a wide range of sizes for these upright refrigerators, from the smallest with a single door to the largest with four glass doors. Ideal for places like supermarkets, liquor shops, bars, restaurants, trendy convenience stores, gas stations, and cafes.

It’s far more convenient for customers to see what you have on display without having to open and shut the refrigerator and freezer doors every time. Compared to a cabinet with solid doors, this is a fantastic method for reducing wasted energy caused by the door being open for too long.

If you’re looking for quality refrigeration equipment, consider Ian Boer Refrigeration and Catering Equipment. They offer a wide selection of Commercial Glass Door Freezers and Commercial Upright Glass Door Fridges for all your business needs.