Notice to all Rwandans in Oslo to distance themselves from snares of Rwandan embassy.

Aimable Bayingana

A meeting was called by RPF agents in Oslo on whatsapp massages asking people to confirm of the attendance of the meeting of RPF officials from Kigali who will be accompanied by the Ambassador and and his staffs and we have copy of the massage.

The evening of today the meeting venue has been given but given another heading.
It is for the friends of Rwanda not Rwandans yet Rwandan Ambassador is to chair the meeting with guest Aimable Bayinga who is good at using sports to advance RPF terrorism across the globe the case of Frank Ntilikina the NBA star  who refused to be part of Kigali diaspora and now father is given crime of helping armed rebellions against regime in Kigali.

Why friends if Rwanda not Rwandans? The reason is most of Rwandan agents in her evil schemes against her nationals are in Norway as Burundians, Congolese very few are Rwandans in their Norwegian status.

Among other reasons they know that opposition is following closely their evil schemes and indeed we do.

I call whoever gets this notice to ask Norwegian Police to help and start investigating these people who works to promote Rwandan terror in cover of other nationals status.

I ask concerned Burundians and Congolese to ask their embassies to contact Norwegian protection police to handle the cases of these people who does evil against their nationals using Burundi and Congolese identities..

The man who uses sports to advance terror Aimable Bayingana has not called people or Rwandan embassy didn’t call people to support the sports but evil schemes are pulling them down to that level we therefore call all concerned people to work on this.

Rugema Kayumba 
Refugee in Oslo due to terror regime of Kigali