By Gakwerere

Accordin to the minister of Finance in Rwanda’s junta government, the 2020 vision of Rwanda being Middle-income country is on track and a reality. Rwanda is the only Country in the world where yearly GDP for the last 20+ years has been above 7%, but the Country still relies on donor funds for 50 – 60% of her national budget. While Uganda receives less than 5% from donors for her National Budget, Kenya supporting herself 100% on national Budget, needing no single donor fund for her national budget.

Rwanda is the only Country in the world where her GDP has averaged above 7% for the last 20 years while exporting nothing, trade deficit has been the order of the day for the last 20+ years. You will listen to state fabricators breathing unprecedented lies, but what they will never do is to tell you which sector(s) is supporting such mammoth economic growth.

Rwanda is the only Country in the world where her GDP has averaged above 7% for the last 20+ years without a liberalised economy. There is political system restrictions around the economy. All business ventures are under the direct ownership of Criminal Paul Kagame and his terrorist organisation the RPF, under crystal ventures consortium. More than 70% of Rwanda’s economy is under the Kagames. Name any business in Rwanda, the Kagame family is there. All successfully businessmen that refused to work with Kagame or sell their businesses to him, either flee to exile or assassinated, the latest being Venuste Rwabukamba. No economic growth can happen under such a climate….Never.

Rwanda is the only Country in the world where a city’s (Kigali) cleanness has been presented as an indicator of economic growth. The sickos have always mirrored central Kigali’s cleanness to explain the Country’s enormous GDP growth. With that model, by now North Korea would have turned into a developed Economy, you need to visit North Korea to appreciate City cleanness. The state of welfare for those who clean central Kigali is a reminiscent of North Korean workers under forced labour program, a topic for another day.

Rwanda is the only Country in the world where her GDP has averaged above 7% for the last 20+ years without Power/electricity. Power shortage is an hourly occurrence and of course dire in Rwanda. The junta regime claims there is 188 Megawatts in country, it is more likely to be 160 MW if you take into consideration leakages due to dilapidated grid and substations which reflect colonial era. You can’t power a Country with a population of around 13 million with such MW!!! For water, it has turned into a precious mineral with the junta’s parliament debating on this just last year. In the absence of utilities, economic development becomes a far fetched concept.

Rwanda is the only Country in the world where a small section of the City is marketed as a show case of economic miracle. Central Kigali has been marketed to reflect criminal Kagame’s success story. Central Kigali has been equated to Rwanda (Kigali=Rwanda). And what they don’t tell the unsuspecting souls, is that 70% of the buildings in those marketing photos are owned by Kagame – Gen. James Kabarebe. Its only naive minds that will associate economic growth with buildings of one family. Pyongyang has taller buildings than Berlin or Paris, but the tall buildings don’t reflect any economic growth or miracle.

Rwanda is the only Country in the world where her GDP has averaged above 7% for the last 20+ years without trained human capital. That kind of economic growth can’t be achieved without human capital, a trained labour market is essential. No single Country has developed without human capital to drive the growth. Rwanda’s human capital is second to her east African neighbours, its poorly trained.

Everything under the junta state is doctored, from the ruler’s image to poisoned food and drinks. False, fabricated and doctored figures define criminal Kagame’s junta state……………

You just need to drive away from the Kagame family owned buildings in Central Kigali in order to see the real Rwanda.

Through high intensity PR campaigns, the junta regime always tout Kagame family owned buildings in central Kigali as a sign of economic development. They will highlight the cleanliness of the strip between Serena Hotel and Kigali Convention Centre as an indicator of miraculous economic development.

Just move few Kilometres away from these Kagame family owned buildings, then you will face the real Rwanda. You may be able to make a clear judgement of economic and social progress of this oppressed controlled state.

Move in the wider Rwanda, then create a balanced opinion in regards to economic hardship and catastrophic social justice.

Below are photos where a family of 8 people are living…..as the criminal ruler always note, “Rwanda is now an African Singapore, especially when you consider our social – economic progress.”

It’s only delusional characters who would use the Singapore metaphor to refer the junta’s bankrupt and donor aided enclave as an African Singapore.



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