Is There An End To The Growth Of The Online Slot Industry?

Out of all the gambling sectors it is the online slot industry like that continues to be the fastest rising market, and this has been the case for the majority of the last decade. As the world becomes more and more connected, and technology more and more streamlined, the online slot universe has benefited greatly. Subsequently there has been an unprecedented increase in online casino gamblers over the last decade, and most of which head straight to the good old slots. 

Modern society has a tendency to blindly believe in the possibility of infinite growth, even despite the physical limitations that always stand in our way. Of course, on a grand scale this is not possible, however on a smaller scale, for instance in the gaming world, it does seem as though things can develop almost infinitely. But what of the online slot industry? Will there ever be an end to its growth? Read on to find out… 

Mobile Gaming 

One factor of recent years that has greatly improved the chances of the online slot industry continuing to undergo a sustained growth is that of mobile gaming. It took a while for it to properly settle in, more as a result of the lack of genuine high-speed connectivity than anything else, but nowadays more people spin the reels on their mobile devices than on their computers. 

Can you really blame them? Playing online slots is so much more practical on a mobile phone, on which you can spin the reels pretty much anywhere in the world ensuring you have an Internet connection. As mobile gaming continues to get better we cannot see its growth letting up, so with this in mind perhaps there is no end to the growth of the online slot industry. 

More Beneficial Regulations

The Gambling Act 2005 paved the way for the massive expansion in online casino, mainly as a result of a much more ambitious advertising strategy that had previously been inhibited. After the government passed the act online casinos and developers could freely advertise their products, in exchange for providing critical information like RTP (Return To Player) to keep things more transparent. 

This affected the industry’s growth in two ways: first off people were more trusting of online casinos in the UK at least due to the increased level of transparency. And secondly, of course, the massive rise in advertising made the industry a lot more perceivable to the public. If other countries follow the UK’s example there could be no end to how much the industry could grow. 

Better Games   

Something else that rings true is the fact that developers aren’t going to stop trying to improve their games in a hurry. And this subsequently results in an ever-expanding market due to the rising levels of excitement generated from spinning those reels. Is there an end to the growth of the online slot industry? Not if the likes of NetEnt or Microgaming have anything to say about it…