Kagame, the prosecutor’s office has no business in Mihigo’s autopsy. This is the work of the pathological/medical examiner’s office

By David Himbara

General Paul Kagame’s dictatorship is bizarre. The government initial announcement of Kizito Mihigo’s death after the inquiry came from the National Public Prosecution Authority (NPPA). The prosecution is the legal entity responsible for presenting cases in criminal trials against individuals accused of breaking the law. Goodness gracious, how then does NPPA get involved in the initial announcements of Mihigo’s autopsy? Anything is possible in Kagame’s banana republic. The prosecutor’s office has turned into a pathological/medical examiner’s office which is directly responsible for this work. It is particularly important in a case like this where government credibility is already in short supply that the report is initially handled by doctors and not lawyers. What a sham. Mihigo’s death in police custody follows countless similar coverups by a regime that thrives in taking lives. Mihigo is not the first or last Rwandan to suffer this fate.