Kagame Is Unwanted in the USA – the UK May Be the Next to Discard Him

Queen Elizabeth receiving Kagame

By David Himbara

The days when General Paul Kagame was America’s favourite strongman of the Clinton-Bush-Obama days are over. Joe Biden’s Administration has distanced itself from Kagame as if he were a pandemic.

The UK may be the next to discard him. A case in point is Kagame’s extraordinary rendition and kidnapping of Paul Rusesabagina in August 2020.

The UK House of Lords is reflecting on how to hold Kagame officials accountable for kidnapping and torturing Rusesabagina – the Magnitsky Sanctions on the Kagame officials responsible for this crime is on the cards.

This is a replay of the Lantos Foundation’s filing in May 2021 before the US Department of State and the US Department of Treasury recommending Global Magnitsky sanctions against Kagame officials including the former Justice Minister Johnston Busingye for their role in kidnapping/torturing Rusesabagina.

Kagame’s one-man army in Britain, Andrew Mitchell, must be panicking that the UK is following the US in discarding his man.

Stay tuned.